Asking About the Relationship - Paper Example

Published: 2023-09-27
Asking About the Relationship - Paper Example
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To Cassandra in private: How would you characterize your relationship with your mother?

Rationale: Asking Cassandra about the relationship she has with her mother in private will enable her to speak out her views on the effects of sensitive issues such as the racial and ethnic differences in the relationship with both her mother and Mark. The privacy provided will allow Cassandra is open about the emotional and physical abuse, from Mark, the second husband to her mother, and whether her mother tried to defend her. It shall provide a chance for her to tell her views on her mother’s liking for Oscar and not her. The intimacy between children and their parents is affected by the attitude of the parents especially when the child is still young (Johnson, 2019). The question shall encourage her to describe her lifestyle, described by her mother as bad. The question is polite towards her as opposed to asking her why she did not want to stay at home and abuse drugs. The question shall offer an insight into the impacts of the absence of Cassandra’s biological father, who is of a different race from her mother. By asking Cassandra this question, I hope to understand the effects of being raised by a single mother in a relationship

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The question to Alyssa (with everyone present) How would you characterize your relationship with your mother?

Rationale: Alyssa, suffered from, cerebral palsy since her childhood days. Her parents have been caring for her and even offered to host her and her daughter after the death of his Husband. The rationale of asking Alyssa this question in public is to allow her to explain her attachment to the parents and the effects of her upbringing, regarding the disease she suffers. It shall be a way of understanding her attachment style to her family. This question is useful in explaining why Cassandra, prefer staying with her grandparents, more than with Alyssa. The question offers and understanding of the psychological distress caused by her mother’s lack of trust in her parenting abilities.

To Alysia: How would you characterize your relationship with your son Oscar?

Rationale: I would ask her this open-ended question, to understand her divided attachment to the children. This question would be an indirect and less provoking way of finding out the influence of race on the relationship and the psychological distress caused by the death of Cassandra's father.

To Oscar: Do you have any fond memories of your childhood?

Rationale: I would ask Oscar, this question so that I can understand her relationship with both his parents and his sister. The question will provide an insight into the possible reason for the breakup of Mark, an Irish Caucasian, with Alyssia. I would understand whether, Mark incited him against Cassandra, whose father is of a Jamaican and Haiti descent. The question is important in the understanding of the difference between, the parenting style of Alyssia and his boyfriend Mark, and that of Alyssa’s parents, who seems to be more racial-tolerant.

To Alysia Do you have any fond memories about your childhood?

Rationale: Asking Alicia about her fond childhood memories will be an indirect way of discovering her views on relationships, race, and culture. I would learn about her upbringing in Canada, by an immigrant family and whether the difference in the culture had any effects on her childhood. Her narrative of the care she received from her parents would hopefully make her more open to the interview, rather than when confronted by a question on how she started resenting her parents.


Johnson, S. M. (2019). Attachment Theory. Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy, 169-177.

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