Personal Essay Example: A Trip to Forget

Published: 2019-11-18
Personal Essay Example: A Trip to Forget
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My brother did this weird thing with turtles, where he turned it upside down in its tank and we both stared at it trying to get itself upright again in vein. For thirty long minutes we stood there and watched, and wondered how vulnerable people were when their lives were turned upside down. The turtle seemed helpless, and lost. Angelo walked in and when he saw the turtle struggling, he immediately reached inside the tank and got it upright again. He gave us a long stare with this mean look, wondering what we were thinking. He was a lover of animals and of women, as he was known as Mr. Romantic, probably a trait he got from his European roots. He was guy that would make any girl, or woman fall in love at his very sight. My brother and I were jealous of him, but neither of us would tell him that, we were too proud and egoistic to make him feel good about that simple fact. He always got the best girls, but one thing was clear, he was not the best when it came to academics, his constant low grades, and lack of interest in any school work, was the only negative thing about his life.

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We had known Angelo since third grade, where he saved my brother from the clutches of a bully. He had just moved to the school, and he was a person who would not stand to any injustice against anyone who couldnt defend himself. When saw the bully pounding my brother, he jumped to his defense and punched him so hard he went down on the first blow. No one had ever stood against the bully, and Angelo became a hero that day, and since then, my brother and I have always been friends with the guy.

We had always wanted to plan a trip to some place exotic or European, and this was finally the year, when all our plans had become a reality. We had decided on a trip to Paris, in France. This is it brother, said my brother with a huge goofy smile on his face. We were on the verge of making the long trip we always dreamed of. We had to wait for Angelo, who was travelling with his lover from Long Island. They had met at a cafe, in New York. They couldnt get enough of each other. We had to wait for them at the airport. I kept looking at my watch, and hoping that he wouldnt be late. Angelo was not the best at keeping time and we were worried he would be late like he always was.

Hey guys, have you missed me Angelos voice erupted from the midst of the airport crowd. He actually made it on time for once. We boarded the plane, and it was those moments you just want to replay in your head over and over again.

When we landed in Paris, it was still dawn and the sight was just amazing, we had never seen a place as beautiful before, the Eiffel Tower, now more real than ever, as we had only seen it in books and movies. We took a cab to the hotel we were supposed to stay in.

We were engaged in deep conversation inside the cab, when all over sudden, a loud exploding noise, and then everything went dark, our ears ringing. We couldnt see anything, as a cloud of dust swallowed everything on its path. The cab we were in was flipped on its side and the driver, and my brother seated at the front was unconscious. Angelo, his lover, and I were at the back and we were all trying to make sense of what had just happened. We quickly turned our attention to try and get out of the car and help my brother and the cab driver. In the streets, everyone was panicking and running to save their lives. Angelo the strongest in the group was on hand and pulled out my brother and the cab driver from the wrecked vehicle. I stood there trying to find out what had just happened. The incident was now clear, it was a bomb explosion, and we were at the heart of the explosion. Angelo was now getting people out of their cars and getting them to safety. The news helicopter was now at the scene capturing the images of the explosion.

Angelo had rescued almost all the trapped passengers in their vehicles, his calm head and prompt action was a trait that my brother and I didnt have. I was more concerned about my brother who was slowly regaining consciousness. Angelo being the hero, at this point was being interviewed by one of the Television stations in France. He had earned his time on air as a hero. It was a trip that we had hoped would be a time of our lives. Paris in August was supposed to be an amazing summer time vacation that ended with us packing our bags the following Friday to go back home.

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