Essay Sample on a Historical Place You Have Visited

Published: 2023-01-12
Essay Sample on a Historical Place You Have Visited
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Traveling is very interesting to me since you learn more about the country's historical sites and culture. Every visit has a different thing to offer. Some places have the best historic sites while others have the best beaches. One of the places that I have visited with the best historical place is the Taj Mahal in India. Taj Mahal is known all over the world for its dream marble built by Shah j a famous Mughal emperor. This historic building was built about three centuries ago, and the story behind it makes it remarkable. There is no other building like Taj Mahal the reason it will always remain to be the only monument.

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More than twenty thousand workers constructed the Taj Mahal for the duration of twenty-two years. The story says that after the completion of this monument, their heads were chopped off so that they could never build another building resembling the Taj Mahal. This story attracts many tourists to lay their eyes to the first-position building in the world. Taj Mahal is also said to have been built in respect of l emperor's Shah Jahan beloved wife memory who had died during childbirth. When I saw this building, I felt captivated. It was on a raised platform with outstanding spiral minarets which made it look even more beautiful. The monument looks fairly dressed in a white dress, and the moonlight makes its beauty penetrate through the marble tombs making the visual unforgettable. It is beautifully mirrored, and the playing fountains will leave you speechless. Its beauty is breathtaking, and as you enter the building, there is a flight of steps that leads you to the beautiful platform.

When entering the Taj Mahal monument, there is a Redstone gateway which gives you a taste of what to find inside. This path is divided by a long water course which is so amazing. One of the memorable thing that you will find in the Taj Mahal is inside the central chamber there is the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan. The chamber is lighted with natural lights which are reflected through the marble screen making it look heavenly. On the tombs, there are inscriptions form Koran neatly curved. Being inside the chamber is very enjoyable; you can hear an echo of every sound that you make like a soft harmony. The feeling being inside the Taj Mahal is inexpressible, and the semi-precious stones are unexplainable. On its side, there is also mazing sand stones mosque which provides a panoramic view of the monument. This historical site has more views to offer like the river Yamuna and the red fort which is seen from a distance.

A visit to the Taj Mahal was memorable. I met with many tourist visitors from all over the world who were also mesmerized as I was. You can never have enough of Taj Mahal no matter how many pictures you take. The feeling is everlasting and incomparable. Once you are inside the building it hard to leave all that beauty behind. You forget all your worries and the world left behind since the building gives you captivating joy that you want to hold on it forever. Although I visited Taj Mahal, I feel inclined to do it once more. I hope its beauty will last long enough for every person to visit it.

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