A Chaplain - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-10-29
A Chaplain - Free Essay Example
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State the Date, Time, and Location of the Interview and approximate length of the Interview

The Interview will take place at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre in Ontario. The Interview will be scheduled to take place as from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on 2nd August 2020. It is advised that individuals supposed to participate in the Interview to keep time and be seated as from 8:00 am.

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The interviewee and their positions

The interviewee for this Interview will be a Chaplin or spiritual care. They are responsible for working alongside other healthcare providers to provide psycho-social-religious services for families and patients.

Background of the Interviews

Chaplin can be said to be pastoral practitioners who seek to have a good relationship of trust. They help and support a wide range of individuals and families. They focus on the emotional, and spiritual adjustment to illness or searching for meaning and purpose through the use of difficult times.

How do they interact with the family?

Chaplin interacts with families through pastoral activities where they pray and provide healing to families that they visit. They ensure that the families are full of spirit, and they do not get emotional problems.

Why are they interested in interacting with families?

Like any other health provider, they provide healing to individuals through the spirit. They do not have to use drugs, but through the word of God, they ensure that individuals are healed. They are interested in helping families to ensure that they are full of spirit.

Have they been in this position? How long have they been in their current position?

Chaplin has not been in this position. They either were ushers or evangelist in the churches. They have served for a minimum of two years before they are promoted to the role of Chaplin or pastors

Have they had any other positions where they interacted with families? How did those past positions shape their current job and interest in family health?

Chaplin tends to be pastors before they are given the role of visiting families and providing spiritual care. Being a pastor, they are enriched with the required resources and approach to how they are supposed to interact and ensure that the family is willing and ready to receive a religious sanction.

What is the general demographic of the families that they encounter in their professional jobs?

The general demographic families that the chaplains work with are the elderly individuals in the family, both women, and men. They tend to provide care to individuals that are above 16 years so that they are rich in spirit.

How has a family’s cultural or spiritual belief shaped their care of that family and their health?

The family’s culture supports pastoral activities as they believe it is a visit from God. The families have supported the work of spiritual care and given a chance to visit the families frequently.

How have they seen families change over their professional years of practice? What are some of the positive changes seen? What are the negative changes they have seen?

Spiritual care providers have seen families, especially members of the family, change from wrong ways to the right ideas of the Lord. They have encouraged the family to change the direction of doing things such as avoiding the use of drugs of alcohol and pray every time. The positive changes that have altered the family are witnessed where families have united, and there is peace among members. Peace and happiness have prevailed in the family. The negative change that has been seen in the family is that they have been focused more on churches and left the other work. Dedication has been on the increase in church activities than their services. Also, increased dependency on churches than on themselves.

What changes do they anticipate seeing in terms of family health in the next 10 or 20 years?

The chaplains anticipate seeing the family be full of spirit and not be affected by lack of vision. In 10 to 20 years, the chaplains expect a reduced number of crimes and drug abuse in control.

What is the most challenging aspect of dealing with families and health?

The most challenging aspects of dealing with families and health are communication and lack of resources. Families have poor communication, and they do not share issues that they are pressing them. The healthcare providers lack enough support so that they can provide for families and ensure that there is optimal care.

If you had to advise someone else going into your field, what would you recommend to them concerning family health?

I would advise them to have a passion and choose an area that they best feel they love. Family health is vital as it matters to the life of an individual. It is a relevant field and requires passion so that you deliver the needed services, nothing that some families are hard to handle.

How has Covid-19 impacted your interactions with families?

COVID-19 has led to the health professionals to interact with families through social media. The healthcare providers educate families through Zoom where they can give them the required services.

Have you ever had an encounter with a family that you wish in hindsight you could replay and deal with differently?

No. I have never had a family that I have ever had in hindsight.

What suggestions do you have for this interviewer for a future career as a BSN?

I would suggest the interviewer intervene in families that whom healthcare providers interact often. It will get the correct feedback that is required so that the healthcare provider will use it to improve their services. Also, the healthcare provider should be provided with the needed services.

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