Essay Sample with a Personal Statement for Chevening Scholarship Program

Published: 2017-11-08
Essay Sample with a Personal Statement for Chevening Scholarship Program
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Q.1. Personal Statement

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Chevening is a scholarship program in the UK that provides learning opportunities to students across the globe. It was founded in 1983 mostly to support university students in the UK. My application to the organization is to find the opportunity to give support to potential students so that they can achieve their ambitions and goals in life. Education allows young people to develop their skills and talents. Youths may have different skills and abilities, and by giving them quality and quantity education, it allows them to focus more on their creative and innovative capabilities and can after that they can invent machines and technology that would change the face of humankind. I believe that my admission at Chevening will allow me to offer such opportunities to the youths, especially those that cannot raise the school fees needed. Having spent part my life in a refugee camp, I know the challenges and the humiliation that most youths find when they are unable to raise the fee necessary for their education. I, therefore, believe that my presence at Chevening will have a significant impact on the lives of many young people.

I am an open-minded individual with exceptional communication skills. I can express my ideas both in written and spoken form freely and with ease. I have good public and presentation skills and therefore can share my thoughts freely with others. I have for sometimes been involves in some motivational talks, forums, and conventions. During these programs, I was able to interact with quite a different level of personalities, and this enabled me to improve on my interactive and persuasion skills. Team-working and time management are two of my main strengths. In my entire school life, I have been involved in some projects and group discussions that have allowed me to realize the significance of teamwork in any organization. I am analytical and conceptual in my thinking and fast in decision-making. These qualities make me the best leader in my hometown.

Q.2. Academic Background

I have a B.A degree in Economics and possess vast experience and knowledge of accountancy and business. Having worked with some international firms like the GIZ, I have four-year experience in business fields, administration, and management. I am flexible and can easily fit into any work environment. Due to my knowledge and vast knowledge in some areas and my ambition to serve the society, I am confident that I would finish my course and after that proceed to study in the UK. My course is dynamic and relates a lot to the business dynamics making it suitable for the job application.

During my stay, Kabul University I managed to score 306 marks out of 360 total marks in the Kantor, the Afghan form of the Scholastic Aptitude Test. During my free time, I tutored students, especially on science subjects since I love science and its application. I faced a lot of challenges in the institute but still managed to develop regarding technology and language. At some point, I also helped some firms in drafting and revising of proposals, coordinating and implementing of their projects. As a result, I believe that I have more than enough education experience and exposure that gave me the expertise to be the best candidate to serve in the organization, and most importantly to champion education to the youths.

Q.3. Leadership and Networking Skills

Having been a refugee at a young age, I understand the individual challenges and the need for better leadership. Throughout my education and internships in various firms, I have created close ties my number of people, especially managers and politicians that have helped expand my knowledge of the economic and leadership system in any country. I would, therefore, use the opportunity to Chevening program to ensure that the society and the in particular needy students get the best chance to pursue their career.

Back in my hometown, I have assisted the youths in some social activities. For instance, I coach our community soccer team, and I make it my priority that they win all the games. I also go to the local schools and assist the youths and adult learners in their studies so that they can get good grades that will offer them a chance in the university. I am an active member of the Open Debate Society Afghanistan Organisation (ODSAO). This is an organization whose primary objective is to empower the youths with critical ideas about trending business and innovative opportunities so that they can access the opportunities available in the global market. Once in a while, I organize public talks, conventions, and events where I intend to empower, educate, develop, and encourage not only the youths but also the women in the community. My greatest step as a leader and as an inspirational model was the establishment of the Relief for Afghan Society, which I act as the co-founder and as the deputy director. This is a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to marketize talented youths in the society and to source for sponsors and job opportunities for the young people. As members, we are passionate, and teamwork is our number one goal.

Therefore, from the fact that I have a close link with the youths in my society, I have come to know their needs and strengths. I can network with them both as a peer and as a leader. The organizations and forums provide a good avenue to share ideas and empowerment motions with the youths, and we can quickly initiate a development project and run it to completion. Chevening will provide me with the universal platform I need to help more young people. It will provide me with the resources and opportunities to train and assist young people in being independent and resourceful to their communities. My dream is to create a universal network of the Afghan youths that will better the education system and where all are given equal opportunities.

Q. 4. Career Plan

Chevening is an opportunity to serve my people. Among my intended goals is to ensure that no youth who excels in academics miss the chance to attend the University of their Choice to study. Also, it is my goal that the government should be encouraged to add more funds to the organization so that the number of students who get support increases. My long term goal is to champion for the construction of more universities and reducing of the school cut-off points so that more and more students get the opportunity to attend college and get the best training that they can then use to better the world.

My course, Financial Economics, allows me access to financial problems and their dynamics. Therefore, upon completion, I will be able to understand and explain the economic standardization principles, especially in the Central Bank of Afghanistan. Topics like macroeconomics theory, microeconomics theory, and monetary policy theory will enable me to bring the necessary reforms in the financial statements of the organization. Also, I will be able to accurately analyze the economic fluctuations in the current business environment and thereby develop modifying and quality policies that would allow the institution to maintain its financial position or to generate more income for its welfare operations. Similarly, I will be able to make rational and quick decisions based on the knowledge I have acquired from international financial management, advanced security and investment theory, international trade and econometrics with quantitative methods.

I will work as a Financial Analyst. This profession requires an individual to be keen, pragmatic, critical evaluator of systems and practical in the communication and theories developed. These are skills I have so far gained and am confident that they will help me in the financial analysis and project planning in the organization that will allow me to bring productive initiatives to empower the youths. Finally, my economic background and close ties with financial institutions and ministry will allow me to easily access loans and other sources of capital for the organization, step that will enable it to fund all its activities.

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