Persuasive Essay Example

Published: 2018-10-29
Persuasive Essay Example
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Why Chinese mothers are superior

I am writing to air my opinion concerning the article "Why Chinese mothers are superior" by Amy Chua published in the Wall Street Journal (08/11/2011). There are different parenting styles whose use varies from one country to another and from one culture to the next. From the beginning, the author presents the differences between parents in China and the West maintaining that excellence depends on strong practice. I strongly support her view that hard work is a requirement of success. As far as I am concerned, hard work results in excellence while laziness leads to failure. Moreover, I agree with the three major differences she presents between Chinese and Western parental mindsets. One is that is Western parents are increasingly worried about the self-esteem of their kids compared to their Chinese counterparts. In the same vein, it must be noted that the parents have the final say when it comes to bringing up kids. Every parent wants the best for his child and any form of correction must be considered as such. Secondly, she talks about the traditional beliefs and traditions which have impacted the Chinese parents. I agree that parenting styles vary from one culture to another and they must be respected. Not every successful man and woman in the world today went through the same parenting style. Finally, she holds that the best way to protect a kid is by preparing them for the future and ensuring that they are equipped with skills. Good parenting and education, in particular, is the strongest foundation a parent can give to a child. The author is, therefore, right in submitting that skills and confidence once developed can never be taken away from a child

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