Free Essay about Roy Williams' Play

Published: 2018-09-06
Free Essay about Roy Williams' Play
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Roy Williams' play is in a prison setting whereby a secluded wing is set out for the prisoners who not only need maximum security but whose chances of escaping have to be prevented. William's play gives a conceivable picture of life inside the prisons. In most instances, he has doctored the plot so as to suit his arguments.

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From the play, Angela the wing guard keeps the prison cells in wing B in order with the help of Saul, an inmate. In the same wing, there is another inmate by the name of Errol who is an addict and is good at telling on others. In the same setting, there is also a character by the name of Rio who is a new inmate and is keen on hiding the fact that he is serving time for rape. From the flow of the play, the characters are embodied in a web-like a plot, such that the viewers are left wondering if there is a clear line between good and bad, and if any of the inmates can be trusted.

From the plot, it is clear that Williams is trying to bring out the eerie rivalry between the prison blocks. When Angela goes out to try and look for her replacement, Saul the ruler of the wing tries to help Angela by hunting for a successor. There is also disloyalty among the prisoners. This is seen when an officer betrays his co-workers by allowing inmates to smuggle phones into the prison. Other inmates like Errol also showcase his cunning nature by pushing blame for a kill to Rio the new inmate. The point that William tries to bring out is that the institutions have lost screws just like the prisoners. To support this point further, smuggling drugs into the prisons is a norm. This is attributed to the fact that most overcrowded prisons avoid instances of breakdown by tolerating vices like the use of drugs just to avoid riots.

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