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    Original research
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    On-time results
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    On-demand 24/7 support
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    No-risk assurance
    Consider it an added incentive to use our service: claim a partial or full refund if we can't meet your high standards.

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Shelly S.

Verified order

I placed a SpeedyPaper order for a book review. The work was completely flawlessly and without any remarks, and everything arrived on deadline. Additionally, I was very pleased with the reasonable pricing policy.


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Basque G.

Verified order

SpeedyPaper helped me out with essay I had due in week. Everything went smoothly, but I think price could be lower.


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The process of placing an order was straightforward and user-friendly. One of the major strengths of Speedy Paper is their team of professional writers. However, the reason I'm giving four stars instead of five is due to a minor issue with the delivery time.


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Millicent H.

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This service is for students, in my opinion. And it is a lifesaver! Their combination of quality, reliability, and excellent customer service makes them a standout choice in the field.


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SpeedyPaper's writer has transformed my writing style, they helped me develop a more effective and sophisticated approach to writing


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Nubar F.

Verified order

I placed an order for a paper from this writing service and the outcome really pleased me. The customer service was amazing too!


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Kimberly B.

Verified order

This is my second time using this writing service, and once again, they did not disappoint! The author adhered to all my instructions and even included extra references.The customer service team was prompt and helpful, addressing all my queries efficiently.


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Leticia M.

Verified order

Overall, I was happy with the paper that this service ordered. I pointed up a few small mistakes that needed to be fixed but the writer was accommodating and swiftly fixed them.


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Youlanda S.

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I finally found quick company! It is original, because other companies did my orders soooo slow. My favorite helper!


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Why are students ready to pay someone for a research paper?

Most high schoolers work hard to get into college, scoring top grades and padding their applications with extracurriculars and volunteer work. They expect things to look up once they get into the school of their dreams. But most are sorely disappointed when they realize college is even more demanding and less forgiving than high school. And instead of regular classes, homework, and essays, they must learn to deal with new torture methods, including research papers.

Whereas essays are familiar ground, even if college requirements are much higher than high school ones, few students have to deal with research papers until they come to college. This leaves them unprepared for weeks-long research, careful note-taking, and the organizational skills necessary. Those who try to struggle through the hurdles alone usually become disheartened by the low grades rewarding their hard work. Those who are frozen by indecision and incomprehension fail assignments altogether. But a small percentage, the lucky few, realize they can pay for research papers online and get the best of two worlds: extra free time and good grades.

Of course, if you’ve never used academic writing services before, you probably have a million questions. And we’ll try to answer them all, sharing everything you need to know to pay for research paper and get the best results. But if you don’t find your answer here, call us or drop a line in live chat. Tell our support managers, “I want to pay someone to write my research paper,” and they’ll gladly explain how our service works and guide you through the order process. But first, let’s go over some basics.

Who should you pay for research paper?

Multiple avenues are open to you when you decide to pay for research paper. For example, you can reach out to one of your classmates who has a better grasp of the subject. And while that seems like the safest option, it’s actually the most likely to get you caught, especially if the person you hire tattles on you.

Alternatively, you could search for freelance writers on one of the many outsourcing platforms, like Fiverr or Upwork. Low rates and good ratings make this option incredibly enticing. However, if you look closer, you’ll notice highly rated writers have outlandish fees, and most reviews are about as helpful as comments on Amazon product pages. Furthermore, there’s no guarantee the writer you hire will deliver the paper on time or follow your instructions. They can be barely literate and fool the system by completing fake orders. Besides, looking for a reliable writer can take even more time than writing the paper on your own.

Luckily, there’s another option for you when you decide to pay someone for research paper. And that’s a professional academic writing service, like SpeedyPaper. We combine the benefits of hiring someone who knows the subject better than your straight-A classmate with the safety and anonymity of hiring a freelancer. Moreover, you don’t even need to waste time on searching and vetting, as we do it for you and ensure only the best get to work on your order whether you come asking, “Edit my paper online” or “Write it from scratch.”

What makes SpeedyPaper the best?

If you Google research paper writing services, you’ll get hundreds of results, each with the same promises. So why should you choose SpeedyPaper over rival companies? Because while some of them share one or two of our advantages, none have the same broad range of benefits our clients enjoy. See for yourself what sets us apart from other writing services:
  • Affordable rates. Students never have money to spare, so we keep our prices low enough to keep everyone happy. As most of the money you pay for a cheap research paper goes to the writer, you work with highly motivated academics who value their positions and strive to produce the best results to stay on our team and keep helping students. Besides, we offer regular promotions and special offers, so you can save even more if you pick the right moment to place the order. Other ways to lower costs include ordering early and participating in our referral program.
  • Professional academics. When you pay for research paper online, SpeedyPaper matches you with the person best suited to handle it. Each writer on our team goes through thorough screening and testing to ensure they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to produce top-grade papers. Moreover, we keep a close eye on their performance and only work with those who repeatedly get positive student feedback.
  • Fast turnaround. With so much schoolwork, some assignments can fall through the cracks. It’s no wonder you forget to read an article or set a reminder to start researching for a paper. If the deadline is days away and you have no chance of finishing the paper on time, let SpeedyPaper experts take over. They can do it in half the time or even faster, ensuring you never lose points for missing a deadline.
  • Round-the-clock support. Most of us never master time management, so it’s no surprise you find yourself seeking writing help in the middle of a Thanksgiving dinner or at a Friday night party. Luckily, our support team never sleeps, so you can reach them any time of day or night, including weekends and holidays. Whether you need an answer or a quick progress update, you will never feel helpless and alone with the SpeedyPaper support team on your side.
  • Free revisions. We strive to fulfill your every requirement and instruction after you pay for your research paper, but miscommunications are possible. So we include multiple free revisions with every order to address any issues you encounter. If you want the writer to make corrections or polish the piece some more, simply send it for revision. You’ll receive an updated version within 24 hours, ready for another preview and download.
To unlock all these benefits and more, you only need to say, “Write my research paper,” and we’ll get right on it. And if you’re still on the fence and scared of trusting strangers with your schoolwork, consider our foolproof safety net.

Is it safe to pay someone to write my research paper?

Getting caught and in trouble with school is the biggest fear that stops most students from solving all their writing problems. And these doubts are warranted, considering the number of frauds and scammers online. SpeedyPaper is nothing like them because when you pay for writing a research paper, we guarantee you’re safe from plagiarism accusations and discovery.

As you already know, we hire the best to write paper for money, but we keep a close eye on them nonetheless to ensure there’s no risk of plagiarism, either intentional or unintentional. We run each paper through an advanced plagiarism check to eliminate the risks and train our writers to carefully cite every source to appease the most demanding professors. So even if they run the paper you buy through a plagiarism checker, the similarity percentage will be minimal.

And if the professor is out to get you and accuses you of buying a paper online, all you need to do is deny the accusation. After all, we keep your personal details and order parameters secret and don’t share them with schools or professors. So they will never learn that you chose to pay for research paper from us. And without hard evidence, they will never prove your corner-cutting unless you admit it.

Besides, there are some tricks we recommend all students use to keep suspicions at bay. For example, if you order two or more papers for the same class, consider working with the same writer to keep the writing style consistent. And if you’re here to pay for college research paper, getting an abstract or a summary to go with it is a good idea, as it’ll let you familiarize yourself with the piece without reading the full text.

As you see, there’s little to no risk of discovery or accusations when you choose SpeedyPaper. And if anything goes wrong, you can always contact us and request a refund.

I’m ready to pay for my research paper! What now?

Admitting you need paper help is the first step, but you also need the courage to take action and seek professional assistance, whether you hire a tutor or an academic writing service. And we’re glad you’re being proactive about your academic record and physical and mental health that tend to wither in college.

Now all you need to do is order the paper. You can go directly to the order form and follow the prompts to fill in the required fields and specify your preferences. You can play around with different parameters and options and watch the bottom line change until it fits your budget. But remember to double-check your order before you pay for custom research paper.

If the order form looks too intimidating to tackle or if you can’t make sense of the fields, contact our support team. The managers will guide you through the process or fill in the form for you to speed things up. And once your payment goes through, you can finally relax and simply wait for your paper to arrive. It’s as easy as that.
So what are you waiting for? Hurry and order your paper today!
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