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  • Customized edits
    Customized edits
    Receive tailored suggestions and actionable tips perfectly in line with your assignment prompt, instructions, and formatting requirements.
  • Next-day delivery
    Next-day delivery
    Get the perfect version of your paper within 24 hours to meet every deadline, but allow more time for editing a paper that’s over 10 pages long.
  • 24/7 support
    24/7 support
    Stay in touch with our team round the clock and get immediate answers to your questions, progress updates, or any other help you need.
  • Refund policy
    Refund policy
    As a bonus assurance, you can opt for a refund.

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Share the file and prompt, and add specific instructions and requirements you want your editor to meet. The more info you share, the better your paper will turn out.


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Set the deadline and consider extra features before revising and confirming the order. As soon as we receive your payment, your expert will start working.


Stay in touch

Follow the editor’s progress, share extra details, and get updates via the dashboard. Or relax and focus on other things while you have some free time.


Download revised file

Preview the edited file and approve the order to get a download link. Or request a revision if you want our expert to edit your paper some more.

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Youlanda S.

Verified order

I finally found quick company! It is original, because other companies did my orders soooo slow. My favorite helper!


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Verified order

The punctuality of this service was outstanding. Despite a tight deadline, the team delivered the completed work ahead of schedule.


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Joline G.

Verified order

It is a helpful site for students who work. After finding this service I can spend more time with friends and have a rest!


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Tacy M.

Verified order

SpeedyPaper did a good job on my term paper. The arguments were well-structured and the research was perfect!


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The team at speedy paper exudes professionalism and demonstrates a profound understanding of various writing styles and formats. Thanks!


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I never would have guessed that you could write 5,000 words in a single day! Furthermore, there were no notable mistakes in the text. Enjoyable job!


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Marvella L.

Verified order

The customer service was excellent and quick to respond. The author gave a logical and cohesive presentation of all points I needed.


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FAQ: The bottom line

The final word on your most common queries!

How long will it take to edit my paper?

When you come asking, “Can you edit my paper online?” you can set any deadline you need, starting from six hours. Most students want their papers edited within 24 hours, but we ask you to be realistic and give editors enough time to process long-form papers like theses and capstone projects.

Is it safe to pay someone to edit a paper?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to place your “edit my paper” order with SpeedyPaper. We keep your orders confidential, so no one will guess how your writing got so good so fast.

What does paper editing service entail?

“Edit my essay” and “Proofread my paper” are two different services. The former entails matching your writing to the prompt, improving logical flow, and adjusting formatting. The latter only eliminates errors and typos and is usually done after editing.

What do I do if I’m not happy with the edits you make?

Whenever you come asking, “Edit my paper for me!” we match you with the best expert to deal with your assignment. But if you aren’t happy with the results, you can request a free revision or a refund.

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Why should I get someone to edit my paper for me?

Suppose you’re working on a college application, a nursing paper, or a capstone project. You spend days researching, planning, and agonizing over word choice. And the paper looks perfect in the end, but you still barely get a B- or fail the class altogether, all because you missed a few mistakes and inconsistencies that ruined the whole thing.
That’s why editing is the crucial step of a paper writing routine you should never skip. And ideally, you want a professional editor with an in-depth understanding of the topic and flawless writing style to look over your project and suggest corrections. Ultimately, getting college paper help with editing will save you time, boost your grades, and improve your writing style. And it all starts with a single line in our live chat, such as “Will you edit my paper?”.

Enjoy unbeatable SpeedyPaper benefits

So what exactly happens after you say, “Edit my paper for me”? Our system automatically matches you with a seasoned online essay editor best suited to deal with your class, topic, and paper type. And once we do, you get to enjoy the full benefits of our editing service, including:
  • Student-friendly rates. Editing help shouldn’t make you go broke, so we keep our pricing as low as possible while still giving our editors fair compensation. Besides, we run regular promotions for our loyal customers, so keep an eye out for discounts in our newsletters and social media posts.
  • Fast results. When you’re thinking, “Can someone edit my paper online?” you can’t afford to waste weeks waiting for edits. And you shouldn’t settle for less when SpeedyPaper editors can enhance your paper within a few short hours. Even lengthy projects will only take a few days to complete.
  • Round-the-clock support. You may realize you need urgent paper editor help in the middle of the night or on Thanksgiving. With SpeedyPaper, you don’t have to wait for office hours. Our support team remains online 24/7 and is ready to address all your questions and concerns on your schedule.
  • Free revisions. If you don’t like the first round of proofreading & editing you get from your expert; you can request an additional revision for free. Just tell your editor where they fell short of your expectations, and they’ll update your order with the latest version of the file within 24 hours.
  • Complete confidentiality. Although no one will fault you for getting a professional to edit your paper, you’d probably still prefer for your order to remain secret, especially from your professors. And our policies ensure your absolute privacy. Unless you admit to using our services, your order will remain between us.
But the main secret weapon in our arsenal is the expert paper editor team on our payroll.

Hire experienced online paper editors

What makes our experts so different from random freelancers offering online paper editing help? Here are some tricks we use to ensure you work with the best of the best:
  • Thorough screening. We double-check the qualifications and skills of every applicant before letting them join our team and edit your paper. So you don’t have to waste time looking for reliable editors; we take care of this step for you.
  • Continuous monitoring. We keep a close eye on every editor’s performance and review their results to ensure only real professionals remain. And you have the choice to work with the best and the brightest from the PRO and TOP tiers.
  • Customer feedback. We encourage you to share the best and worst parts of your experience to help us monitor the team’s performance. Negative customer reviews ensure we get rid of people who cannot edit papers online and meet your requirements.

Get perfect grades absolutely risk-free

There’s nothing inherently wrong or unethical about using professional proofreading & editing services. But if you’re still worried about rumors, our complete confidentiality guarantee should put your mind at ease. We’ll never share your name and order details with others, including your instructors, so your reputation is perfectly safe.

Besides, our transparent refund policy eliminates any financial risk from using online essay editing services. So in the unlikely case our experts fail to deliver top quality, you can always get a free revision or an easy refund. All you have to do is file a request, and our managers will take care of the rest.

With zero risk of discovery and your money absolutely safe, are you ready to say, ”Proofread my essay now”? If so, the order form awaits your instructions and requirements. And we’ll get working on your paper asap. And in case you have lingering doubts, drop us a line in live chat or give us a call, and our friendly support managers will answer all your questions.
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