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      Writing Literature review allows the reader to show that he/she has a good understanding of the resource that provides information concerning the topic of interest. The analysis can be conducted on information from a book a journal, or an online source. The review is a simple description of what other authors have accomplished in line with the research topic. Writing help can assist in composing a good literature review that supports the topic. A good literature review can enhance the composure of an excellent essay that will attract better grades. Researchers are also required to identify reliable sources within formation addressing their topic. A good literature review starts with quality sources, but getting them is a big challenge. Writing help online can ensure that researcher access high-quality literature to make their research more authoritative, to inform decision.

      Literature review format

      A literature review format has four parts. The first one is the introduction which explains the topic, the scope of the study, the findings, and commenting on the value of the source in the research. Essay help services allow the team of experts from different fields to guide the student in completing a good literature review for their research. The format provides a template for filling out a literature review, which is aligned to the research topic.

      Example of literature review

      The example of literature review contains different research study that has been conducted in the past addressing the same subject from a different perspective. In most cases, literature reviews are restricted to research studies carried out within a given particular time frame. In the review, the author presents findings from each source on the same topic and comparing the results from other sources. Writing help online assists students and other researchers to do a review of the literature on various subjects. The Essay help services make it simple for student and researcher to find the research articles with relevant information. A sample problem could be 'teenage pregnancy and contraceptive' the literature review will focus on authors that talk about the topic. Different authors will be compared based on their standpoint on the issue. Before an emphasis on the literature review, the writer has to choose a position in the matter to search relevant information. For instance, the author may have a topic that suggests teen pregnancy should be controlled by allowing teenage girls to access reproductive health services. A literature review can be used to prove that the contraception is an effective method of managing the problem. The primary goal of a literature review like this would be informing policy makers of safe methods for controlling teen pregnancy.

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      Writing a literature review has never been an easy task for scholars. (Name of our website) provides a relief by availing seasoned literature review writing experts.

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