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Narrative Essay Writing Guide and Samples
How to write a narrative essay: guide and samples
Your professor has finally given you an interesting assignment a narrative essay. Are you stuck on your narrative essay? Learn how to tell your story like a pro and get a well-deserved A+.

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10 Must-Have Apps For Your Everyday Studies
Must-have apps for your studies

Did you know that your smartphone can be your best study tool? The key to your successful academic career is the right set of applications. And today we will start you on a journey...

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Ordering Essay Online: A Complete Guide
How to order your essay online: crucial steps to follow

If you are new to the world of on-demand academic writing, ordering an essay online can be confusing. To help you we have created a complete guide to explain the whole process, mak...

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21% Off SpeedyPaper Orders for True Game of Thrones Fans
Game of thrones fan detected: the way to get 21% off your order

Do you love the Game of Thrones as much as we do? Show how much of the Game of Thrones fan you are and get up to 21% off your order from SpeedyPaper! Join our season 7 premiere dis...

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SpeedyPaper Scholarship Winners Announcement
Welcome the scholarship winners: the essay contest results

Out of over 1000 essays from 18 countries SpeedyPaper judges selected 5 best essayist who claimed the prize fund of over $2000. Check out for the latest contests on our blog page!...

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Sharing is caring: $100 for your feedback
SpeedyPaper’s generosity: the way to earn $100 for your feedback

Dear friends, we receive dozens of reviews every day, which we value greatly as they help us improve and inspire us to move forward. Share your impressions about SpeedyPaper`s serv...

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Global Essay Writing Contest `Make change by writing!` with a prize fund of over $2000!
Outstanding essay writing contest: the way to get a $2K prize!

Be the one out of 6 lucky scholarship winners by contributing your opinion. We live in a world of information where many prominent ideas may exist unnoticed....

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7 Tips to Gain Fluency in a New Language
From zero to hero: seven language-boosting tips

There are many benefits to multilingualism. Learning a new language is a long and painstaking process. Use these tips to make it a little easier on yourself....

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Ten Tips to Rock Your Next Semester
10 tips to study better during your next semester

Once the break is over, it is hard to return to your studies after crazy parties and movie marathons. However, the beginning of a new semester does not mean that your life has to b...

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Get 15 percent OFF by saying thanks on social media
An easy way to get 15% off - hot SpeedyPaper offer

Everyday we`re helping thousands of people get by their writing routines with flying colors. And we`ve came up with a simple option for you to save some good money with SpeedyPaper...

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