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How to Title an Essay | A Clear Guide, Tips, and Examples - SpeedyPaper
How to title an essay in a nutshell

Many students want to know how to title an essay correctly. Here are the key nuances and examples that will help all young people get the answer to this question....

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How to Write an Essay Introduction that Will Impress the Audience
How to write an introduction for an essay: a comprehensive guide to flawless result

Why is the essay introduction important? It is a prominent part of the paper that will either catch the reader's attention or trigger the opposite effect....

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How to Write a Hook for an Essay. 11 Hook Types Explained with Examples
11 takes on how to write a hook for an essay

If you struggle with opening lines, check out our detailed guide, complete with essay hook examples. Find the perfect lead-in for any assignment and topic with our help!...

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How to Write a Creative Essay | Tips for All Modern Students
How to write a creative essay: step-by-step guide for modern students

Do you want to start the creative essay writing stage but don't know how to go? Here is an essay writing guide to help clear up all the writing points....

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Add extra hours to your day without losing sleep
Add extra hours to your day without losing sleep

Do you live in a constant state of anxiety over unfinished tasks? Are you always racing against the clock? Learn three tricks to beating the time crunch and getting things done....

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Stop Running Late to Class Once and for All
Time management tips to stop running late to class

Late to class again? Its time to leave tardiness behind! Learn how to become punctual and always be on time using simple, actionable changes to your daily routines....

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Meet&Greet. Christy Wesley
Christy Wesley: top academic writer you should know about

If you need help with History, Political Science, or Law, Christy is your woman. Meet one of our best writers in a third installment of the Meet&Greet series!...

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Want to Be Like Tony Stark? Self-educate!
The main pros and secrets of self-education

Self-education equals a better job, more money, and a longer life. Try out the best self-study method and see for yourself! ...

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15 Hacks for Freshmen. Get Ready for College!
Useful life hacks for first-year college students

Let go of anxiety and fear and make most of your freshman year with our 15 actionable tips to get good grades, make friends, and succeed in and out of class....

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