Lets Create A Perfect Thesis Statement For Your Reflective Essay

Lets Create A Perfect Thesis Statement For Your Reflective Essay

The thesis statement is merely one sentence within your reflective essay, so why does it matter so much? You see, many students make a mistake of omitting thesis statements in their introductions. As a result, papers seem to have no purpose or direction. This leaves readers (teacher, professors, college admission committee, etc.) frustrated and shows your lack of writing discipline and respect for proper essay structure.

If you ever find yourself reading an article and asking yourself What is this thing about?, the author must have missed her English lessons when they studied thesis statements. To avoid making this mistake, lets take a look at the four simple steps it takes to craft an excellent thesis statement for your reflective essay. An important note: if you occasionally fail to create an influential thesis statement even after reading detailed guidelines, there is always a chance to hire an essay helper and thrive with the assignment. 

Show What Your Essay Is About

The most important part of your thesis statement is the topic of your paper. That’s why some students decide to benefit from essay help when choosing a topic for their academic papers. Seeing as reflective essays usually cover the most important aspects of your life, the topic should be easy to figure out. You either write about a turning point in your life, a person who has profoundly influenced you or an obstacle youve had to overcome. Here is an example of what your thesis statement could look at this stage:

I am an introvert surrounded by dozens of extroverts at school.

It seems nice enough, but something is missing, isnt it? Since you are writing a reflective essay, you need to concentrate on your personal assessment of the topic.

Describe Your Subjective Opinion

Reflective essays are designed to make you look into the deepest recesses of your soul, analyze your our choices and decisions, make conclusions. There is no need to search for statistics on the topic or scientific articles to support your argument. Just take a moment to decide why the topic is important to you, how it can influence your life. Lets build on the previous example:

I feel surrounded by extroverts at school, but at the same time, it is a useful experience.

There, it already sounds much better. We have added a personal touch and described the emotions evoked by the topic. Now we need to add a little extra.

Outline Your Essay In One Sentence

The thesis statement is a condensed version of your essay, so it should contain all key points of your paper, distilled into one perfect sentence. Even if your audience were to read a single thesis statement, they would realize what your reflective essay was about. To ensure this, you need to include the main arguments of your outline into one sentence. Of course, this requires you to have a pretty good idea about what you are going to write. It is logical, therefore, to write a thesis statement after completing your reflective essay outline. Lets return to our previous statement:

I feel surrounded by extroverts at school, but at the same time, I consider it a useful experience that will be good for my future career, social skills and allow me to meet more people like me.

Now our thesis statement is much better, but we can take in one step further. Black Friday promo code "Elementary".

Make Every Word Count

Do you edit your papers before submitting them? It is a sensible thing to do since the first draft is usually far from perfect. Even if you dont take time to carefully choose words for your every sentence, thesis statement deserves special treatment. So go back to the statement you have constructed and get rid of the weak words, replace them with more colorful and precise alternatives. You can also cut the redundant words that do not hold any new information. Here is a final version of our sample thesis statement:

I feel suffocated by extrovert classmates, but it is a character-building experience that will positively affect my future career, improve my social skills and enrich my circle of acquaintance with kindred spirits.

Now that we are done with this thesis statement it looks just right, doesnt it? And it was not difficult to write at all after we have divided the process into four simple steps. I hope this trick will help you to develop an excellent thesis statement for reflective essays and other types of assignments. If you want to get an ideally completed paper, place essays order on our website and get rid of the headache of doing challenging assignments.