How to write the method section of a research paper. Basic tips and guidelines

How to write the method section of a research paper: effective tips and tricks

When working on a research paper, it is indispensable to pay due attention to the method section. It is a part of the paper that leads to the basics of the research. The method section of a research paper serves as a roadmap, guiding readers through the paper leading to the final result. Flawless structure, impeccable formatting, and relevant content are the key elements of the section. It should contain critical retails that specify the study and help readers get its core.

Although the section is quite easy to deal with, especially if you have accomplished your research and are aware of its peculiarities, a lot of students still lack information on how to write a methods section. Take your time to read the whole article and discover the critical aspects that should be taken into account as you work on the essay.

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What is the methods section of a research paper?

Before diving into the peculiarities of the methods section of a research paper, it is critical to deal with its definition. The methods section is a prominent part of the paper, as it discusses the fundamental aspects of the study that predetermine the final conclusions. Working on the methods section, students should be concise and informative, specifying relevant information about what was researchers, how it was conducted, what equipment and materials were used, what techniques were preferred, and why certain methods were employed. Thus, a methodology section of research paper becomes a little guide to the research, which is somewhere in the middle between the background information and discussion parts.

Why is the methods section important?

The basic goal of the methods section of research paper is to emphasize the crucial details of the approach the student used in the research. This is the way to contribute to the relevance of the presented information and the dependability of the findings. This is the exact section that helps users to estimate the reliability and validity of the content. As a result, the prominence of the methods section cannot be denied.

Structure of methods section of a research paper

Are you confused about how to write a methods section of a research paper? Well, you need to start with the main rule of any academic writing assignment. Structure and consistency are the keys to success. Therefore, the chronological or thematic presentation of the information, proper formatting, attention to detail, and a range of other aspects should be met in the passage. The key idea of the methods section is to emphasize every stage of the research, telling a story of how it was conducted.

Talking about rules and recommendations on how to write the result section of a research paper, it is critical to emphasize that the structure and strategy for the passage creation will depend on the peculiarities of the study. At the same time, there are a few important elements that can hardly be skipped in the methods section. If you doubt about a chance to succeed with the paper structure, start with a single example of methods section you can find online. Analyze various aspects of the paper, including its constituents, structural peculiarities, formatting rules, and others that can help you succeed with your undertaking.

The methods section is usually a straightforward paper to write, as the writer will have to describe the process of the research in a clear way. What are the elements to be included? Although the structure of the methods section can be flexible, there are a few items that are likely to be included.

  • Research design
  • Participants
  • Interventions
  • Data collection methods
  • Data analysis

If there is too much information to be included in the section, you need to divide it into subheadings covering critical details. Follow a sample outline that will help you thrive with the passage writing, no matter how skilled or experienced you are.


  • Short introduction, presenting the background information about the research
  • Explanation of the methodological approach
  • Brief description of the data collection methods used in the research
  • Presentation of the analysis method
  • Explanation of the reasons why the specific methodological strategy was used

How to write the methods section of a research paper

Once you are done with the prewriting stage of work, you are ready to analyze the guidelines on how to write methods section. The process will take some time and effort, but the result is supposed to be worth it. Although the overwhelming majority of students are convinced that the passage should be created during the research stage, a consistent, informative, and relevant methods part can only be written once the study is completed. This way, the learner will include all the critical aspects and will miss none of the fundamental parameters.

So, are you still confused about how to write a methods section of a research proposal? Check out a few most prominent stages to accomplish in order to thrive with the undertaking.

Introduce the methods

Start the section with an introduction of the key methods used in the study. Be precise and specific when talking about the research, providing only up-to-date and relevant information. A quick overview of the techniques, methods, and types of data collection and analysis are a must.

Specify the methodological connections

Once you are done with the first aspect, it is inevitable to mention the connections between the research query and methodology. It is a short but prominent point that will contribute to the relevance of the passage.

Introduce instruments

What are the instruments used for the data collection and analysis? Highlight the observation, survey, or interview-related techniques that helped to conduct the research. Give a brief description of every element and its role in research performance.

Analyze discussion section

Specify the analysis techniques that are used to process the collected data. Mention the specifications of data organization, coding, and analysis.

Give background information

Add little information about the literature and methodology used during the research. Specify the way the used methodology contributes to the understanding of the discussed theme.

Emphasize limitations

Irrespective of the topic, size, or type of research, students definitely come across certain challenges and limitations. Make sure you mention them in the methods section. Explain how the constraints influenced the findings of the study and its conclusions.

Proofread and edit the passage

The final stage of work on the methods section is editing and proofreading. Even if you come up with the best content but its formatting is poor, you have little chance to get a high grade for it. Therefore, make sure you create a well-structured methods section that is free of mistakes, typos, and inaccuracies that can affect its quality.

The dos and don’ts of writing the methods section

Following the guidelines on how to write a methods and materials section, the process is likely to be smooth. However, there are a few other tips that can contribute to the quality of the passage and help students avoid certain mistakes. Check out the do’s and don'ts section to make sure the paper you are working on is effective, consistent, and influential.


  • Stick to college guidelines
  • Keep the section structured and properly formatted
  • Adhere to the order of the results
  • Divide the section into the paragraphs with corresponding subheadings
  • Mind the details in the text
  • Specify the ethical approval
  • Mention statistical analysis


  • Describe trivial methods in a lot of details
  • Provide unnecessary information and overwhelming details
  • Discuss the advantages and downsides of other methods


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What is the methods section important?

The methods section increases the relevance of the research, as it highlights the critical details, such as approaches and methods used in the study.

How do you come up with a relevant methods section?

Take your time to read a detailed guide on the methods section writing. Start with the analysis of the research, creating the outline, and writing the first draft. Include relevant and meaningful information only. Proofread the text to keep it top-quality.