How to write a conclusion for an essay: detailed guide for flawless writing

How to write a conclusion for an essay: tips and tricks that work

Academic writing is a complex process that consists of numerous stages. If you are convinced that you can succeed with the assignment only with credible information and the necessary motivation, you are mistaken.

In writing an essay, it is possible to single out the two most prominent points to consider, including the content and the form. Profound research and analysis of the theme and its peculiarities may help you create an influential and relevant paper. What part of the text is the most important? It is hard to highlight a single aspect here, as each constituent has its function and contributes to the overall success of the undertaking. This time, we will analyze the prominence of the conclusion, its basics, peculiarities, and little tricks that may help you succeed with the passage.

What is a conclusion? It is the final part of the text that aims to show the unity of the key points specified in the paper, mention the prominence of the arguments, and make a strong impression on the audience. The conclusion should not only summarize the information used in the body part but also motivate readers to analyze the topic further.

Do you want to keep your conclusion effective, well-structured, and consistent, but you have little idea how to write a conclusion for an essay? Keep reading an article for more recommendations, guidelines, and tips that will add to your writing skills and help you create an impressive closing part for every essay.

Three steps for writing a conclusion

The conclusion is the last part of the essay and is as important as the introduction and main body. The main idea of the final essay paragraph is to give a brief analysis of the information specified in the paper, reiterate the thesis statement, and single out fundamental conclusions. How do you contribute to the quality of the content mentioned in the conclusion? What are the aspects to be included? Here are three elements that may enhance the relevance of the final essay part and make the whole piece more compelling and persuasive.

Return to your thesis

Are you ready to end your essay? Make sure the readers are aware of your intentions by reiterating the thesis statement. At the same time, it is indispensable to make it using some writing instruments so that you can rephrase the argument rather than just repeat it.

If you do not know how to conclude an essay, start with this aspect that will serve as a decent beginning. Then, proceed to the next point, which will reveal more information on the topic.

Review your main points

The final paragraph of your essay should be quite short but still appealing and informative. Therefore, once you are done with the thesis part, you should sum up the key points used in the essay to support the argument. Keep in mind that the conclusion is 10-20% of the whole paper, so you should make maximum effort to keep every part concise.

Knowing how to write a conclusion without just summarizing every passage of the text is priceless and will lead you to the desired results. Instead of repeating the key points, analyze them and bring them together in a few meaningful sentences. Make all the statements and arguments a single unit.

Show why it matters

While working on a trivial academic essay may be simpler, most students are concerned about how to write a conclusion for a research paper. In a nutshell, the process will be approximately the same, but a few aspects will require more attention to detail.

To finalize the concluding part, you need to encourage the audience for further analysis of the topic and its more profound and well-rounded research. Think about the ways your argument can be implied in future studies. Emphasize the scholarly value of your paper and mention the significance of the argument. Keep the readers interested in the theme by concluding with a decisive sentence.

Although you are done with the essay writing once you finish the concluding part, your work on the paper is not over yet. Eliminating typos, avoiding grammar and punctuation mistakes, and getting rid of formatting errors are a must. Fortunately, there is always a chance to proofread essay online using beneficial tools. Thus, you do not have to spend a lot of time scanning your text again and editing it, as experienced professionals can do it for you.

What your conclusion should not include

Now that you know what parts should be included in the conclusion, it is time to pay attention to a few aspects that should be avoided. However, before you dive into the details, we want to remind you that outline essay writing is a great way to avoid struggles with every part of the paper and to succeed with the text creation. Once you thrive with the pre-writing stage, you can cope with the whole piece much faster.

At the same time, if you are still concerned about how to write an essay structure, you should check out a list of mistakes most learners make to avoid them.

  • New evidence. The conclusion is about summing up the information you have already mentioned in the text, so no new details should ever be included.
  • Concluding phrases. Cliches like “to sum up” and “in conclusion” will not contribute to the relevance of your paper but will only emphasize your weak writing skills.
  • Undermined argument. Strong and influential sentences are to be included in the final part of the essay, so you need to avoid questioning your argument.

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What is an essay conclusion?

It is the final part of the project that is used to specify the most important ideas of the paper and its argument.

What are the elements to include in the concluding part?

The reiteration of the thesis statement, review of the key points, and emphasis on the topic's importance are the aspects to be mentioned in the final part of the essay.