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Did you notice how vague and unclear assignment prompts can be? You’re not alone in feeling like professors are trying to be mysterious on purpose, making you second-guess your topic choice, references, and writing style. Most students have trouble wrapping their heads around the different essay types, especially when it comes to obscure assignments, like rhetorical analysis or process essays.

It’s easy to miss the subtle differences between paper types, even with the professor’s rubric. And failing the assignment or getting a low grade after putting so much effort into research and writing is disheartening, especially when your motivation for writing is spotty in the first place.

Access Thousands of Samples by Type of Essays for Free

To help you make sense of the tasks and score top grades despite your professor’s best efforts to confuse you, the SpeedyPaper team created this database of free samples for almost all essay types. Coupled with your assignment prompt, our samples will help you identify the major structure and style requirements and use them in your projects. All samples are free for your use, so you can browse them online or download them for future reference.

And if you’re out of time to analyze the free essay samples of a specific type and need instant help, let SpeedyPaper writers take over your assignment. Our experts know the ins and outs of each paper type and can get into the professors’ heads to craft essays that check every box on the rubric. This way, you save time, get an excellent grade, and receive a perfect sample for a specific paper type you can use for future reference. So it’s a win-win-win.

And when you have more time and feel motivated to make sense of the inner workings of different writing styles and assignments, check out our short guide on 22 most popular types of academic papers. It’s full of actionable tips and links to detailed writing guides for most assignment types. So you’ll have all the tools you need to craft a top-grade essay the next time your professors bring out obscure assignment prompts.

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