Stop Running Late to Class Once and for All

Time management tips to stop running late to class

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Are you ready to solve the problem of running late to class? That is the first step to success! Now, let’s dive into the reasons behind your chronic tardiness.

Identify the cause of your problem

Your tardiness is just a symptom of a deeper issue you might not be aware of. When you have an hour to yourself, analyze why you are always running late to class. To start, answer these questions:

  1. Do you consider yourself to be a punctual person?
  2. Are you late for all classes or just a few of them?
  3. What do the classes you’re always late to have in common?
  4. Why do you think you can’t get to class on time?
  5. How much later do you usually arrive in class?
  6. Are you ever on time for specific classes?
  7. What is the most common excuse you give to professors for being late?
  8. How do you feel when you have to interrupt the class to get to your seat?

Some answers will come to you quickly, while others will be difficult to find. Try to be honest with yourself. After all, no one needs to know about your round of navel-gazing. The more sincere you are at this stage, the easier it will be to break the habit of being late.

Remember to consider both the physical and psychological aspects of the questions. For instance, you might only be late to the classes of one professor who intimidates you. You could oversleep because you are too nervous the night before class to fall asleep quickly. If any of the classes cause intense negative emotions, such as anxiety, depression, or panic, consider talking to student counselor and switching the course or the professor. You might lose the credits, but your GPA and mental health will benefit.

Create a punctuality system

You aren’t likely to turn from a perpetually tardy person into a perfectly punctual one overnight. Even if you manage to strong-arm yourself into punctuality for a week, the streak isn’t likely to last long. Instead, you need to develop a system that will transform your habits, one small change at a time. If you’ve answered the questions I’ve listed above and got to the bottom of your problem, you know where to begin. I have a couple of suggestions for you:

  1. Stop thinking, “I’m always late” about yourself. Instead, tell everyone and think of yourself as “a person who is always on time.” Think of it as slowly reprogramming your brain to become punctual.
  2. Calculate the time you need to get to class from your flat and add 10 to 15 minutes as a margin for error. Set the alarm for the time you need to leave for class and get out the door as soon as you hear it. 
  3. Think of a way to reward yourself every time you get to class on time. It can be your favorite frilly coffee drink or a pastry. You can also set up a game-like reward system and come up with bonuses for punctuality streaks. For instance, if you get to class on time five days in a row, you can go out Friday night.
  4. Develop small self-organization habits that will help your punctuality. Instead of running around the flat in the morning looking for your laptop and notes, gather the things you need the night before class. Make use of meal prep to save time on cooking breakfast or choose your outfit in advance.

Do not try to implement big changes in one day, you will only become disappointed in your lack of progress. Develop one small habit at a time and stick with it until it becomes automatic. Then you can move on to the next tiny change in your routine. When it all feels too difficult and ultimately useless, reread the following section.

Think of the long-term benefits

Becoming a different person is a drawn-out process. It can become discouraging when your small transformations do not produce instant results and recognition. Whenever you feel ready to give up, remember that being punctual:

  1. Makes you feel more confident in class and beyond college walls. You can finally be the one to pointedly look at the clock when your peers or friends are running late. Besides, being among the first to come to any meeting provides ample opportunity to talk to your professor outside the bounds of the lecture or seminar.
  2. Frees up hours of your time. You don’t have to seek your classmates to ask for notes or attend office hours because you don’t understand the topic. To make most of this benefit, you can also use a professional writing service. Check out Speedy Paper reviews, and you’ll notice how much more successful and happy our clients become.  
  3. Provides the opportunity to include time-management and punctuality to the skills section of your resume. Most employers expect you to be on time for work and manage your workdays efficiently. If you conquer the tardiness now, you will make a better first impression once you get a job.

Running late to class is a bad habit, but once you identify its causes and start making small changes to your daily routine, you will be able to break it. Remember the long-term benefits of being punctual, and your transformation will go easier. If you are tired of tedious writing, order essay writing and make the most of your student life while our experts will be doing a paper for you. And SpeedyPaper is always here to help you out and transform your education into a success story!