How to Write an Article Review | A Handy Student Writing Strategy

How to write an article review: your very special crafting guide

Writing a great article review is not rocket science. Still, it goes beyond merely summarizing content. Your mission involves critical analysis, comprehension, and the ability to delve into the subject matter. Whether you are preparing for a class assignment, a journal, or your growth, the procedure improves your understanding and critical thinking. Check this detailed guide to learn some useful writing insights.

What is an article review?

A review article is a critical analysis of a scholarly article. It is necessary to have a deep understanding of the article and its position within the wider discipline. The important aspects of an article review are a summary of the article, the analysis of its content, and the critical evaluation.

The review should provide a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the article, its contributions to the field, and its general validity. It is not only the article's content but what the article is saying, the way it is saying it, the methodology used, and the conclusions made. Now, you will learn how to write an article review!

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Your aim is to get below the article's surface, moving beyond understanding to critical thinking.

Types of review

The various reviews aim to meet different academic needs and audiences. Being aware of these kinds allows you to personalize your review.

Journal article review

Journal article review is a critical analysis process of an article published in a scientific or academic journal. This review mainly emphasizes the summary of the article on the ideas, arguments, findings, and methodologies. It is also essential to evaluate the article's contribution to its field with any new insights, theories, or conclusions it presents. Your APA format article review should also evaluate the research methods, results validity, and conclusions' relevance.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
In a journal article review, you need to know the article's background within its field and provide a balanced, informed critique that focuses on its strengths and weaknesses.

Research article review

A research article review focuses on a primary study and its methodologies, data analysis, and conclusions. This kind of MLA format article review is characterized by a thorough knowledge of the research subject, the methods used, and the importance of the findings. You should assess the validity of the research question, the suitability of the methodology, the reliability and interpretation of the data, and the accuracy of the conclusions.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
In a research article review, your critical analysis helps to establish the legitimacy and relevance of the research to its field.

Science article review

The analysis of a science article is a thorough analysis of a scientific publication related to experimental and theoretical studies. Evaluating scientific validity, experimental design, and interpretation of results is essential. You need to critically evaluate the hypothesis, methods used, and the contribution of the findings to scientific knowledge. This kind of review typically involves a critical analysis of the statistical analysis, the validity of the data, and the relevance of the conclusions to current theories or practical recommendations.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Your science review should allow conclusions to be drawn on the scientific community's perception of the article and its possible impact on future research, policy, or application.

Formatting an article review

And now, a couple of words about an article review format. When doing an article review, formatting is important because it helps organize your analysis in a logical format. It facilitates the reader's understanding of the thought process behind the critique. Here are the formatting basics:

  1. Title page: Write a title, your name, and affiliation.
  2. Introduction: Introduce the article and the focus of your review in short.
  3. Summary: The article is a summary of the main arguments, findings, and conclusions of the article.
  4. Critique: Critical analysis – strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Conclusion: Summarize your overall evaluation and the importance of the article.
  6. References: List any sources you've cited.

In the body of your review, you should employ headings and subheadings to help the reader navigate your analysis. Make your writing concise and focused without unnecessary details. Citations are essential in proving your point and demonstrating your topic knowledge. Besides, you can always use an article review template to start writing faster.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Always format your review properly, as it demonstrates your understanding of the article and indicates your academic writing ability.

Article review structuring

Wanna know how to write an article review? No problem. The structure of the article review is crucial to ensure that the review is coherent and thoughtful. An organized review will help the reader to navigate your analysis, making it clear and easy to understand.

An article review usually begins with an Introduction. This section should present the reviewed article, its title, author, and its main idea. Here, you state your thesis – your main response to the article. For example, if you are writing a review of an article on climate change, your thesis could discuss how the article contributes to this area.

Second, there is the Summary section after the introduction. In this part, you summarize the main claims and points that the article makes. It is not just a story retelling but a summary of the most important aspects. The body of your article review includes a Critique or Analysis section. It is the heart of your review, where you critically assess the article.

Analyze the article's strengths and weaknesses, methodology, and contribution to the field. For instance, you can comment on the sample size used in a psychology article or acknowledge the introduction of a new theory. And do not forget about the article review conclusion section. Here is a standard outline for an article review:

  • Introduction
  1. Introduce the article (title, author, main point)
  2. Thesis statement
  • Summary
  1. Overview of the article's main arguments and points
  • Critique/analysis
  1. Critical evaluation of the article
  2. Discussion of strengths and weaknesses
  3. Analysis of methodology
  • Conclusion
  1. Summary of main points and thesis
  2. Final assessment of the article

Always pick topics for an article review carefully! As you can see, this structure provides a systematic and thorough approach to article reviewing. It allows you to convey your understanding and critique of the article, which is valuable for your readers. And now, lets check the article review example!

Article review example

Title: "The Impact of Social Media on Adolescent Mental Health"

In her article "The Effects of Social Media on Adolescent Mental Health," Dr. Jane Doe provides a detailed study of social media sites' impact on teenagers' psychological health. This review evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of Doe's arguments and research approaches.

Doe's article covers several ways in which social media affects the mental health of teenagers, such as cyberbullying, social anxiety, and depressive disorders. She provides support for her arguments through a combination of extant literature and qualitative research of her own. Though Doe develops a strong case backed by qualitative data, the article does not provide enough quantitative research to support its arguments.

However, using anecdotes and small surveys may not capture the whole picture of adolescents. However, the article is outstanding in highlighting potential positive aspects of social media, which is rare in similar studies. The article by Dr. Jane Doe is an important contribution to the discussion of the complicated connection between social media and adolescent physical health.

How to write an article review

An article review requires a delicate balance between summarizing, criticism, and analysis. It needs to interpret the article's content, context, and influence in the form of a structured and captivating story. Here is how you can write an article review!

Write the title

The title of your review should be unique and reflect the essence of your critical evaluation. It should be brief but informative, indicating the subject of your review. For instance, if you are writing a review of an article on renewable energy, a title such as "A Critique of Renewable Energy Trends and Policies" signals to the reader the scope of the review and the perspective you are adopting. A good title captures the mood of the review and grabs the reader's attention from the beginning. This strategy can help you write an article review quickly.

Cite the article

Start your review's body with a reference to the article. It should comprise the article's title, author(s), publication date, and where it was published. This citation gives readers enough information to locate and retrieve the article independently. For example, you could begin by stating, "In the 2023 article "Breaking New Ground in Gene Therapy" published in the Journal of Medical Innovation, Dr. John Smith discusses innovative approaches in genetic treatment." And you can always count on paper writing help if you reach us.

Article identification

Following the citation of the article, it is necessary to determine its main goals, the type of research carried out, and the principal argument or thesis. Do not write an article review without this part. It is essential to create a background for your analysis. Describe the significance of the article in its area, the main questions it answers, and its intended audience. For example, "Dr. Smith's article is focused on analyzing recent developments in gene therapy, addressing biomedical researchers. He claims that advanced gene-editing approaches can change personalized medicine." Sounds too tricky for you? Then, how about writing assistance or even math homework help? We can start writing anytime!


Writing an article review is not a nightmare, especially if you're getting close to the conclusion. In your article review's introduction, describe the article briefly and state the purpose of your review. Indicate the importance of the article in its field and the major themes or issues it discusses.

This section should interest your readers and give them an idea of where your review is headed. For example, "This review considers 'The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare' in which Dr. Emily White describes AI's transformative power in medicine. The review discusses the article's claims, methods, and implications."

Summarize the article

Now you know how to write an article review. But what about summarizing? It is all about condensing the article's key points, arguments, and conclusions into a brief synopsis. In this section, it is necessary to stay neutral and objective. Provide an article overview, including the hypothesis, research methods, outcomes, and conclusions.

For instance, Dr. White's article focuses on AI developments in diagnostics, patient care, and treatment planning, building her argument on recent studies and data and showing how AI advances the efficiency and accuracy of healthcare. Besides, check how to write a term paper like a pro, thanks to our latest article!

Critique it

We are approaching the end of this academic story. Writing an article review can be an easy task if you know how to write this section. To put this simply, you should analyze the article critically. Critique the strengths and weaknesses of the article in terms of its arguments, research methods, and conclusions.

Here is an example: "Though Dr. White offers a convincing argument on AI's advantages, the article fails to address any ethical issues or concerns about data privacy, and the use of secondary research as opposed to primary data somewhat weakens her conclusions."

Craft a conclusion

In conclusion, summarize the main points and restate your overall attitude towards the article. It is also an opportunity to discuss the article's influence on its discipline and any follow-up research or discussion it might provoke. For instance, Dr. White's article provides an interesting overview of AI in healthcare, although it has shortcomings. It emphasizes the importance of exploring AI ethics in medical contexts, providing a promising field for future research. So, writing an article review is not a nightmare!

Writing an article review

Step 1: Write the title

Write a title that represents what you are reviewing as an interrogative, descriptive, or declarative title.

Step 2: Cite the article

Cite the reviewed article correctly according to your instructor's citation style.

Step 3: Article identification

In the first paragraph, elaborate on the list of article details, such as the title, author, journal, and publication year.

Step 4: Introduction

Begin with the introduction of the article and the thesis of your review. Find gaps, inconsistencies, and unresolved questions.

Step 5: Summarize the article

A summary of the article should be provided, highlighting the main results and the author's conclusions.

Step 6: Critique it

Assess strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to the field. Provide evidence and relevant theories to support your arguments.

Step 7: Craft a conclusion

Summarize your critical points, results, and critique. Evaluate the article's accuracy, reliability, and applicability. Identify future research directions.

Writing an outstanding article review

An excellent article review requires a comprehensive knowledge of the topic, a critical viewpoint, and a well-structured presentation. It goes beyond simply summarizing the original work and provides an insightful critique that contributes to the discussion. Remember that assistance is just a click away if you want to improve your skills in writing article reviews or need help with any academic writing assignments. Contact Speedy Paper if you need paper help online. Let us take your tasks and create something special.

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