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How to make an essay longer: filling paper length requirements

Writing essays may not always be easy, especially if you must fit in a certain number of words. Quite often, students get to a moment when they feel they have conveyed everything that needs to be said, yet they still lack some minutes or seconds. So, are you tired of search queries like "How to make essay longer?" This guide can help you overcome such a challenge!

Hacks to make an essay longer

There are various tactics to "make essay longer" without compromising its quality. Such approaches are especially effective when you've discussed all main subject points but must hit a minimum word count. The trick is to improve your essay and put more dimensions and details – without straying from the subject or watering down your position.

Use examples

There are multiple ways to make a paper longer! Examples serve two crucial purposes: they strengthen your arguments and provide more material in writing. When you use a concept or argument, provide a specific illustration. It could be an actual life, a hypothetical situation, or a case in point to demonstrate your point.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Examples make your essay more lively and of higher quality to your readers.

Use phrases and words to transition ideas

Transition phrases and words are vital in essay writing. Not only do they connect your ideas smoothly, but they also add to the length of your essay. Forget about "make essay longer" queries! Transition phrases help the reader follow your argument and subtly increase the word count without seeming forced or arbitrary.

Try reverse outlining

Here is another way to make an essay longer. Reverse outlining is a powerful method for further development of your essay. Here is how to do this trick:

  1. Go through each paragraph and observe the main idea.
  2. Identify any poorly developed paragraphs.
  3. Add more details or illustrations to these sections.

Using reverse outlining to identify the weakest parts of your essay enables you to add content that would make it more meaningful, thus making it longer without sacrificing the quality.

Go over your prompt again

Perhaps you overlooked something during the writing process. Thus, make an essay longer by re-reading it. Your essay prompt can reveal new insights or perspectives you initially failed to see. Read the prompt again to see if there is something about the topic that you did not cover fully. Prompts frequently include several questions or subtopics.

Use expert quotes

Here is another trick to make your paper longer. Including quotes from experts or highly respected authorities can be an effective way to enhance your paper. When you find a relevant quote, explain why it means something, explain how it's connected to your argument, and why it's important.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Ensure your quotes are relevant and contribute to your story, not just filler.

Format your paragraphs

Try this approach to find out how to lengthen a paper. Making your essay bigger can also be implemented by using proper paragraph formatting. Every paragraph should begin with a clear topic sentence followed by supporting sentences and end with a sentence that is evidence of your overall argument.

Use more words to explain your ideas

Here is another way how to make your paper look longer. Sometimes, elucidating your ideas further can naturally lengthen your essay. Add some depth to your arguments by giving context, background information, or fleshing out the consequences of your words.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Avoid redundancy! Strive for clarity and depth in your explanations.

Identify additional sources of information

The more sources that are found, the broader your essay can be. Having these sources can provide different views or further information to enrich the development of your discourse.

  1. Books or academic journals.
  2. Reputable news articles.
  3. Experts' interviews.
  4. Official statistics.
  5. Case studies.

By relying on the insights from these sources, you not only make your essay longer, but your argumentation also becomes richer. Now you know another way how to lengthen a paper easily.

Include statistical data

Using statistical information in your essay is a wonderful technique for adding length and bolstering your arguments simultaneously. Statistics offer solid facts that back your arguments, thus making your essay compelling. Besides, do not hesitate to reach us if you need dissertation writing assistance!

Check similar paper samples for inspiration

Working with sample essays or papers on the same topics can help spark ideas for further developing your paper. Witness how others constructed their arguments, the types of examples they employ, and how they incorporate sources.

Make an essay longer: common don'ts to avoid

So, when attempting to extend the length of your essay, there are several things you should avoid. We've compiled a detailed list of all the things you shouldn't do to increase your word count.

Redundant phrases

Using redundant phrases is a common mistake when trying to extend an essay. These phrases or words don't add meaningful information to your writing. For example, saying "every" instead of just "each" or using "to" when "to" suffices. Focus on being concise and precise in your language choices to maintain the strength and clarity of your essay. Besides, we know how to write a short essay, so check our latest guide!

Filler content

It is easy to use redundant phrases to prolong an essay. These are phrases or words that make your writing sound redundant or bring no useful sense to it. Such redundancy may make your essay appear wordy and undermine your arguments. Be succinct and focus on a precise selection of words.

Repetition of ideas

Repeating the same ideas or arguments throughout your essay is another common way students try to increase word count. But, instead of repeating, explore different aspects of your topic or delve deeper into your initial points. Besides, you can always ask us for help if you need a fast essay writer. We can assist anytime!

Excessive quotations

While quotations can enrich your essay, relying too heavily on them can be detrimental. Excessive quotations can overpower your voice and analysis. Your essay should primarily reflect your understanding and interpretation of the topic.

Off-topic tangents

Going off on tangents that don't directly relate to your essay topic is a common trap. These diversions can confuse readers and detract from the main focus of your essay. Stick to relevant points and contribute meaningfully to your argument or analysis.

Crafting a perfect essay

Crafting the perfect essay involves balancing content, clarity, and coherence. But not everyone is ready to deal with this, even after reading the guides. So, if you struggle to achieve this balance, consider seeking professional help. SpeedyPaper can assist in refining your essays to perfection!

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