Top 100 history research paper topics for US and world history classes

100 history research paper topics. US, European, and world history ideas

There’s no shortage of history research paper topics considering the global scale and thousands of years of events, personalities, and changes. So, the biggest trouble with US history research paper topics is picking one direction and narrowing it down to fit the assignment’s scope. To help you deal with these critical tasks, we present a curated list of 100 world history topics.

What is a history research paper?

A research paper on a world or American history topic is a common academic assignment designed to test your research, critical thinking, and writing skills. You may also be required to present your findings in class. World history research paper topics call for lengthy pieces, 5 to 20 pages long, with at least five credible references. Although they are typically reserved for American or World History classes, professors can incorporate world history research topics in other humanities classes, including Literature, Social Science, etc.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
US history research paper topics for college students typically straddle the lines between subjects. For instance, you can consider a certain event through the literary, cultural, or social lens instead of solely focusing on facts and events.

How to choose a history research topic

Whether you’re searching for history or chemistry research topics, they should:

  • Fit the class and subject you’re studying
  • Be interesting enough to make you enthusiastic
  • Have sufficient evidence from credible sources
  • Be controversial enough to formulate a thesis statement
  • Remain relevant in the current day and age
  • Fit the scope of your assignment
  • Gain your professor’s or TA’s approval

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Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Check out news headlines and social media trends to find interesting history topics that are still relevant. For instance, you can compare BLM and the civil rights movements or the attack on the Capitol and the beginning of the Civil War.

History research paper topics

When it comes to history paper ideas, research topics are easy to find but hard to narrow down and formulate. SpeedyPaper experts developed this list of ideas that should fit most academic assignments, whether you’re looking for history argumentative essay topics or term or research paper titles. Besides, if you don’t find a suitable topic on this list, you can always turn to our experts for more ideas. They’ll handle any request, from “Think of a good history topic” to “Write my dissertation for me”.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Historical research topics for middle school, high school, and college can be interchangeable and recyclable if you adjust your arguments and evidence to fit your current academic level.

Ancient history topics

  1. Explain the causes of the Egyptian Old Kingdom's dissolution into smaller states
  2. Discuss the introduction of castes during the Vedic period of Indian history
  3. Examine the unification of Ancient China under the Qin Dynasty rule
  4. Analyze the political and trade relationships between the Mayan city-states
  5. The causes of the shift from aristocratic to democratic rule during the Archaic period in Greece
  6. Describe the outcomes of Alexander the Great’s conquests throughout Europe and Asia
  7. Examine the influence of Roman conquest on the history of the British Isles
  8. Discuss the factors that led to the decline of the Roman Empire
  9. Consider the impact of European Christianization under Constantine the Great
  10. Compare scientific and technological advances across Ancient European and Asian civilizations

Modern history (21st century history) topics

  1. The impact of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the worldwide view of international terrorism
  2. Compare the results of the Arab Spring movement across different Arab states
  3. The outcomes of the NATO interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq in the early 2000s
  4. Examine China’s rise to the global superpower status in the 21st century
  5. Discuss the global recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic
  6. The refugee crisis and international trade disruptions caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine
  7. Consider the global political and economic effects of the Internet connection availability
  8. Examine the causes of the European migrant crisis of 2015
  9. Compare the 2023 Israeli-Hamas war to the previous armed conflicts in the region
  10. Discuss the impact of space exploration in the 21st century on a global scale

U.S. Civil War research ideas

  1. Political and economic causes of the states' secession and the formation of the Confederation
  2. The evolution of the war goals of the Union and the Conferedation throughout the Civil War
  3. Explain the conflicting dates of the conclusion of the American Civil War
  4. Discuss the use of industrial warfare during the Civil War and its impact on the number of casualties
  5. The primary concerns of the Reconstruction era post the end of the Civil War
  6. The parallels between the American Civil War, World War I, and World War II
  7. Examine the most vocal abolitionists, their reasoning, and motivations
  8. Discuss the relationship between territorial expansion and the growing tensions prior to the Civil War
  9. Explain the reasoning behind the Fort Sumter attack and the influence of its outcome on the early days of the Civil War
  10. The role of women soldiers, spies, and resistance activists during the American Civil War

European history topics

  1. The creation of the early states in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire
  2. Explain the significance of Constantinople for European politics in the Middle Ages
  3. Consider the significance of the rise of the first Slav empire and the introduction of the Cyrillic script
  4. The effect of Christianity on the shift from slavery to serfdom in the Middle Ages
  5. The religious, political, and economic causes of the Holly Wars and Crusades
  6. The impact of the Mongol invasion of Europe and the establishment of the Golden Horde
  7. The economic and political roots of the Renaissance movement and its spread through Europe
  8. The rise of geographical exploration and exotic trade in the 15th and 16th century
  9. The relationship between the invention of the printing press and the Protestantism movement
  10. The compound effects of revolutions and wars of the 19th century and their impact on World War I

World history research paper topics

  1. Explore the early implementations of the Industrial Revolution and its impact on the economy
  2. Compare colonial expansion of the 16th century across major European states
  3. Explain the tension arising between intellectuals and the Church during the Enlightenment
  4. Discuss the effects of the French Revolution on global monarchies
  5. Consider the changes in the relative roles of the government and religion in the 19th century
  6. The rise of European nationalism and its relationship with the start of World War I
  7. Explore the introduction of mandatory education and its impact on world history
  8. The driving forces behind the New Imperialism period of the 19th century
  9. The effect of the Treaty of Versailles on the interwar period
  10. Examine the relationship between the economic recovery and the Cold War in the second half of the 20th century

World War II topic samples

  1. The role of military aviation in the major World War II battles
  2. The impact of the use of nuclear weapons on the outcome of the WWII
  3. Consider the results of the military crime tribunals of German and Japanese leadership
  4. Explain the rise of fascism in Germany and Italy in a post-WWI world
  5. Compare the economic and military potential of the Allies and the Axis states
  6. Explore the repercussions of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Act between Germany and the Soviet Union
  7. Discuss Japan’s conquests across the Pacific and Indian oceans at the beginning of WWII
  8. Examine the primary causes of the Axis losses and a shift to the defense in 1943
  9. Consider the overall number of casualties of WWII and the biggest crimes against humanity
  10. Discuss the impact of WWII on the global political order in the 20th century

African American history research paper topics

  1. Quantitative analysis of the ethnic population composition of American colonies at the beginning of the 18th century
  2. The impact of African American soldiers’ participation in the American Revolutionary War
  3. Examine the effect of the Underground Railroad on the number of freed slaves in the Southern states
  4. Discuss the participation of the African American soldiers in the American Civil War
  5. Consider the racial segregation promoted by the Jim Crow laws
  6. The causes of the mass migration of the African American population out of the Southern states at the beginning of the 20th century
  7. The negative effects of the Great Depression on the African American population and the impact of relief efforts
  8. The introduction of segregated units for African Americans during World War II
  9. The impact of the civil rights movement led by Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.
  10. The development and spread of black-owned businesses across the US in the 20th century

United States history ideas

  1. Explain the reasoning behind the early colonization efforts by the European monarchies
  2. The ramifications of fast territorial expansion towards the Pacific coast for the sparse American population
  3. Examine the relationship between immigration and the pace of American industrialization
  4. Discuss the manifestation of the women’s suffrage movement in the US
  5. Consider the relationship between the end of the WWI and the onset of the Roaring Twenties
  6. The major causes of the Great Depression beyond the Wall Street Crash of 1929
  7. Explain the terms of the New Deal that helped the US overcome the effects of the Grear Depression
  8. Discuss the US's part in World War II before Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor
  9. Examine the impact of the WWII outcome on the beginning of the Cold War
  10. Compare the effect Democrat and Republican presidents had throughout US history

Topics on American Revolution battles & key events

  1. Examine the pushback caused by the Stamp Act and the Townshend Act in 1765-1767
  2. Consider the psychological and political impact of the Boston Massacre of 1770
  3. Explain the causes and the effect of the Boston Tea Party on the tensions between the British Empire and the colonies
  4. The enactment of the Intolerable Acts and the colonies’ response
  5. Consider the effect of George Washington’s appointment as commander-in-chief on the outcome of the Seige of Boston
  6. The symbolic and practical impact of the development and signing of the Declaration of Independence
  7. The reasons behind the British army’s successful takeover of New York and Philadelphia in 1776 and 1777
  8. The relationship between the Saratoga campaign and France’s alliance with the United States
  9. The outcome of the capture of Cornwall’s army in Yorktown in 1781
  10. The territorial consequences of the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783 for the United States, British Empire, France, and Spain

20th century history topics

  1. The impact of the Hollywood movie industry on the spread of American culture throughout the 20th century
  2. Explain the shift of the cultural capital of the world from Paris to New York in the first half of the 20th century
  3. Consider the effects of the mass adoption of television on the world in the 20th century
  4. The relationship between the Green Revolution and the world hunger
  5. Examine the effects the discovery of HIV had on the world in the 20th century
  6. The impact of the discovery of contraceptive methods on population growth
  7. Consider the major technological achievements of the 20th century that extended life expectancy worldwide
  8. Compare the outcomes of the Space Race for the US and the Soviet Union
  9. The impact of the Brenton Wood fixed exchange rate collapse in 1971
  10. The relationship between the 1970s energy crises and the political systems of the Middle East

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our list of world and United States history research paper topics helps you create an exciting title for your assignment. But if you need more help with your schoolwork, hurry and use SpeedyPaper, the best term paper writing service. Place an order and download the finished piece within 24 hours.

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