Direct plagiarism: features, types, examples, and strategies to avoid it

Direct plagiarism: Basic concepts and features

Many issues can negatively impact the quality of your academic paper and lead to a low grade for your academic assignment. Still, direct plagiarism is one of the most dangerous aspects that can cause many undesirable consequences. You need to understand all its concepts and features to protect your reputation and remain a good student. So, what is direct plagiarism? How can you avoid it? It’s time to highlight the most important facts about this issue in this article.  

What is direct plagiarism: Definition and forms

You might have already spotted the term “clone plagiarism” when exploring the dos and don’ts of writing academic papers. This type of plagiarism is usually done on purpose, but you might also unintentionally forget about adding some citations or references and face direct plagiarism. Many colleges and universities, like the University of North Texas, warn about this issue. 

How to avoid direct plagiarism? To eliminate this issue, you need to understand in which cases it usually appears. To put it short, the originality problem appears in the following cases:

  • Representing a whole paper/article/scientific work/other type of writing as your own.
  • Using paragraphs or extensive sentences copied from different sources without citing the sources.
  • Using small pieces of text without proper citation.
  • Representing images, charts, graphs, laboratory results, examples, visual presentations, audio files, etc, as your working samples without citation. 

What is direct plagiarism? Are there any other names for this negative attribute? If you search for a direct plagiarism definition, you may find it is often called verbatim plagiarism. Regardless of how professionals call this issue, submitting an unoriginal paper can lead to the following backwash:

  • Embarrassment;
  • Damage to reputation and trust;
  • Academic failure;
  • Withdrawal of certificates or qualifications;
  • School or college suspension or expulsion.

Direct plagiarism may have even more severe consequences for academic professionals, researchers, writers, and scientists. These include legal disputes, reputation damage, failure to build a successful career, and loss of the trust of colleagues.

Common reasons for using direct plagiarism

What makes students use clone plagiarism? The situations differ, but in most cases, the problems are the following:

  • No free time. Learners are busy people who often combine studying and working. They also need to spend time with their friends and family, go in for sports, or enjoy their hobbies. As a result, they have limited time to write their academic assignments. What do you likely do when you are in a hurry? Many students will copy and paste a few paragraphs to complete their assignments ASAP.
  • Perfectionism. Some students believe they can’t express thoughts and ideas like scientists and professional writers. To make their papers look better, they use direct plagiarism. Unfortunately, this approach will not improve their writing and will lead to cheating and low grades. 
  • Feeling stuck. What if you don’t understand the main idea you must describe in your academic paper? Sometimes, learners feel lost in ideas and concepts, so they just copy and paste a few original paragraphs into their papers. 
  • Laziness. You will be surprised to discover that, in most cases, direct plagiarism results from students' laziness. They just don’t want to spend time on research and analysis and decide to use someone else’s ideas. 

How to avoid direct plagiarism? Don’t be lazy; dedicate more time to learning, and don’t try to make your paper look perfect. 

Direct plagiarism example 

Before you examine a bright example of direct plagiarism, let’s learn more about the types of plagiarism

  • Global plagiarism. This unoriginal text is related to copying a whole piece of someone else’s work. It can be easily detected and usually leads to the most severe consequences. 
  • Self-plagiarism. What is direct plagiarism in this case? It happens when you reuse your own papers and previous publications in your new academic writing. It is easy to get into the trap of self-plagiarism if you are composing a paper on the same topic. Therefore, always be careful when you complete academic assignments in similar fields. 
  • Word-to-word plagiarism is the most common type of direct plagiarism. It occurs when you copy and paste sentences from the original text without any modifications. To avoid this issue, remember to cite all your sources. 

Easy direct plagiarism example 

If you feel lost in different types of plagiarism, here is a simple direct plagiarism example of what it usually looks like. Remember that it’s all about representing someone else’s ideas as if they were yours word-to-word. 

The original text is: "Albert Einstein is best known for his theory of relativity, which revolutionized our understanding of space, time, and gravity."

A plagiarized version is: "Albert Einstein is best known for his theory of relativity, which revolutionized our understanding of space, time, and gravity."

In this instance of direct plagiarism, the plagiarized version directly copies the original text without altering or acknowledging the source.

How to avoid direct plagiarism

Plagiarism always leads to many negative consequences, which is why many students fear it like the plague. Moreover, all learners value their reputation and want to get only top-quality papers. If you are one of them, you can hire expert academic writers who can write papers for money according to individual requirements. 

But where can you find those professionals? That’s easy. Just choose a reputable writing service, place an order, and receive a paper of premium quality and originality within the shortest terms. Here is a list of benefits you might not even know about these services:

  • Top quality: Professional writing services often employ experienced writers who can produce high-quality academic content that meets academic standards and requirements. In other words, you can forget about direct plagiarism with quality papers. 
  • Expertise and specialization: Professional writers always have expertise in specific subjects or disciplines. This ensures their writing is well-researched and informed by relevant knowledge.
  • Customization: Writing services can tailor their work to meet individual students' specific needs and preferences. You can specify your paper's formatting styles, citation methods, and topic requirements. Full customization also eliminates the risks of direct plagiarism.
  • Confidentiality and privacy: Reputable academic writing services prioritize your personal data and never share information about the ordered papers with any third parties.
  • Plagiarism-free guarantee: Professional writing services typically provide plagiarism-free guarantees. All papers are original and properly cited to avoid academic misconduct. No more direct plagiarism!
  • Revision and editing services: Many writing services offer revision and editing options. You can always be sure the final product meets your expectations and requirements.
  • Support and assistance: Professional writing services often provide customer support and assistance throughout the writing process.


Clone plagiarism can often be dangerous. It can ruin your reputation, lead to low grades, or even expulsion from the university. It may also block academic professionals' career development and further scientific research. Anyway, the consequences of using unoriginal pieces of text, graphics, charts, and tables in your academic papers are always negative. 

How to avoid direct plagiarism? There are many ways to cope with this challenge. You must research carefully, cite all your sources, make writing drafts, polish your writing skills, and be extremely attentive when completing your academic papers. Another way to forget about plagiarism is to use professional academic writing services. In this case, expert writers will complete your assignment brilliantly and swiftly.

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