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Who we are

Texas is filled with friendly people. We are proud of our home and want every visitor to feel at home here, too.

Texas represents the classic American story. Built up from the bootstraps, bold residents with maverick ideas and big hearts have made our state legendary. Southern hospitality is what we’ve been known for since the beginning, and our gracious and welcoming people have compassion and passion in their hearts. Deep in the heart of Texas, from our contemporary and modern cities to our small and charming towns, and from every corner of our state – we welcome all.

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Our business climate and highly talented workforce continues to lure new industries to our state, making us one of the largest economies in the country and the 12th largest economy in the world by GDP. More people move to Texas every day than any other state in the country and more than 256 million visitors make Texas their destination each year. There is a reason for that. We welcome all.

The Texas Welcomes All campaign will be a catalyst in uniting our community and reminding the world that we are a place that supports, celebrates and welcomes all who visit, live, learn, work and play here. Texas is open for business, embraces and promotes diversity, inclusion and equality and understands it’s our differences that make us stronger.


What is the Texas Welcomes All campaign?

Texas Welcomes All is a coalition of businesses, organizations and tourism industry leaders who aim to showcase the inclusive nature of Texas and its residents by sharing the message that Texas is open for business to everyone.

How can I get involved?
* Contact your representatives. It’s essential to defeating bad legislation.
(Senate and House of Representatives)
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