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      This is a document written for personal description by an applicant, in most cases, they are used for college or higher levels of learning. The personal statement has two parts; the first one requires a person to provide general but comprehensive personal information. The second part requires the applicant to provide specific responses to specific questions. In some cases, for instance, business school, the candidates are presented with multiple choices question to provide closed end ended and open ended answers.

      Writing a personal statement

      When writing a personal statement, you are required to tell a story which should be appealing to the admissions committee. The writing should be logical and with adequate supporting information, for instance, if you state that you become the best doctor, that information should be backed up with enough supportive details. Applicants who find the exercise challenging, can access writing help online services to accomplish the task on their behalf. Essay help services provide appropriate guidance to applicants in writing their personal statement.

      Example of personal statement

      The first part which of the Example of personal statement provides a general overview of personal information does not have a specific limit or guideline. The applicant is expected to be free and open up to personal information that they deem is valuable in the admission process. For instance, the candidate explains the experiences in the previous level of study, how they prepared him/her for the current application. The applicant may provide information that explains the reason for/his choice of the institution. The various school prefers candidates who apply for careers out of passion but not as an obligation. For instance, an applicant can mention that he/she is applying for a nursing career to ease suffering from the on sick, but not because his/her parents wish.

      On the other hand, the second part of the personal statement has specific guidelines where the applicant has to respond to prompts provided by the recipient institution. For instance, an applicant can be asked to explain a fascinating experience that motivated his/her quest for undertaking the course. For example, the candidate interested in a nursing career can narrate a story how he/she was trained to assist nurses in a refugee camp. The healthcare needs and other suffering triggered the desire to study a healthcare course to alleviate the suffering of the sick people. Another explanation can be drawn a tragic experience of the loss of a family member out of a healthcare condition. Such experiences ignited the desire to take a nursing career and create an intervention for the illness. Such narratives are convincing to allow the admission committee to pass judgment for the applicant.

      However, it's easy said than done to come up with a captivating story in the personal statement that will sway decision favorably. Writing help online provides the reliable guide on creating quality personal statement. The personal statement can be composed by a student of at any level of study. Personal statement allows the students to present their plans once they have been accepted for the applied for the academic program. Failure to secure a chance brings a lot of frustration to the applicant, and this makes the support of writing help online valuable.

      The best and easiest way to get online help with personal statement

      A poorly written personal statement might lead to a failure of securing a chance to colleges or any other higher learning institution. To avoid this frustration, you just need to visit (name of our website) and get a comprehensive sample of personal statement

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