FOIA Mapper

Access to the world of "hidden" public data

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Freedom of Information gives you access to an uncharted universe of information. Here's why it may be relevant for you, and how FOIA Mapper can help.

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Transparent Censorship

How agencies responded to Freedom of Information requests in 2015, and what it says about the current administration's stance on government transparency.

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Search for government information by keyword or see what other people and news organizations are requesting.

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Browse by Government Agency

FOIA logs, record systems, and contact information for making a Freedom of Information request

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What is FOIA and what role does FOIA Mapper play? The data from the graphic can be used when completing a report on the confiscated weapons. Such a topic may be chosen by students with an inquisitive mind, willing to get Speedy Paper help and delve deeper into the details.

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Search Agency Record Systems

Search for a topic to see what information government agencies hold and details on the systems that store the information. For more information see: What is an agency record system?

Examples: environmental hazards, audio video records, terrorist surveillance, nuclear weapons, Twitter

Search FOIA Logs

Find out who filed FOIA requests, what information was requested, and the date on which the request was received. For more information see: What is a FOIA Log?