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How To Choose A VPN For iPhone

You may not be aware of it, but almost everyone out there wants a piece of your cake - your personal data. While some, such as government agencies and search engines, may mean well for you, others want to steal your private info so they can clean out your hard-earned savings nestling in your bank account.

And since you are using your iPhone most of the time for your online activities, it has become increasingly important that you find ways of protecting your data from unsavory folks on the iOS platform. You may well be aware that thousands of VPNs exist for your iOS device, but not all of them may do the job perfectly. Here is how to choose an effective VPN for your iPhone:

Keep free VPNs at arm's length

Did you know that people or certain websites can use your personal data such as email, location, and payment data to rake in millions of dollars? Well, that is exactly how search engines and those popular social media sites make a side income. They collect your info and sell it to the highest bidders out there, and it is why the internet is bombarding you with thousands of targeted ads.

In light of this situation, you can’t expect a VPN company to protect your goldmine free of charge! VPN companies incur a lot of expenditure to maintain their servers, pay their employees and pay taxes to the government. So, if they say it's free, be sure the security of your data is also free - anyone may access it. Go for premium services such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN or BullGuard. to discover the best ones.

Read the privacy and logging policy

It pays to read the fine print. Whichever VPN you choose for your iPhone, be sure to find out exactly how much and what kind of info they keep. Some will let you into the loop, but some may not be so open. It may be a case of transferring your private data from one ISP to another.


What use of a Ferrari if it is no faster than an old road grader? You don't want to end up with a VPN that slows down your internet such that it takes ages to load a simple web page.

Keep in mind that VPN services are not equal – some are fast on Android and Windows but hopelessly slow on iOS and vice versa. Hence, the best overall VPN may not be the best one for you if it slows down your device.

Is it user-friendly?

If the very best VPN you can find requires you to be a rocket scientist, then you may have to ditch it without much thought. Go for one that is easy to use and displays most of the essential features on the interface, saving you the trouble of digging into the dungeons for a simple task like changing your virtual location.

It should all be easy - and make you feel zen just like it does when you use ZenVPN - even for a cybersecurity veteran.

Type of encryption

Now that hackers are waiting at the sidelines for any breach in the security of your sensitive data, you need a VPN that makes it impossible for them to decipher your info even when they finally manage to break into your system.

Since you need to keep your data, and that of your business, as far away from prying eyes as it is humanly possible, go for a VPN that offers the highest level of encryption, such as the 256-bit AES. It may cost you more, but you will have a good night's sleep knowing no one is going to steal your data while you hover around in slumberland.


For all purposes and intent, look for a VPN you can afford. Your iPhone possibly cost you a mini fortune, so VPN services shouldn't necessarily drain your family savings. It may be a delicate balancing act, as you weigh between premium services and your bank balance.

However, you may land a discount if you pay for the most extended plan, that is if you will need the VPN for several years. You may also choose those VPNs that promise a money back guarantee if you want a test run.

Choosing a suitable VPN for your iPhone may not end at protection of your private data and web activities. A few extra security features may go a long way in making your VPN experience worthwhile.

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Consider VPN services that go an extra mile to ensure your protection against hackers and anyone else that may want to compromise your privacy. Such features include a kill switch, which drops the internet connection as soon as it detects that the VPN connection has dropped. You may also need a feature that erases your online footprint as soon as you exit a webpage.

Well, choosing a VPN for your iPhone shouldn't be so difficult if you know what to look for. Whatever factors you put into consideration, whether the cost, encryption level, speed or user-friendliness, ensure that your VPN is failsafe.