Free Essay Answering Why Do Students "Flunk Out" of College?

Published: 2019-06-14 06:04:54
Free Essay Answering Why Do Students "Flunk Out" of College?
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The problem of expelling from the college is very urgent nowadays. About 50 percent of students who entered the college do not get a diploma and are not able to graduate. This statistic alarms and makes become concerned not only teachers but also parents. Parents pay a lot for education today. That is why they want their children to become qualified workers and keep them from expelling. So, the aim of this research paper is, firstly, to investigate causes of flunking out of a college. Secondly, to warn students against bad habits that provoke such bad consequences. Thirdly, to give some tips how to avoid dropping out.

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To start with, it is necessary to underline that entering a college is an important step. Not every student understands this. As a result, such misunderstanding provokes great problems. Some students are afraid of big load. They do not know how to allocate their time. They have problems with preparation for some subjects. Students cannot meet a deadline because they put it off too long. All these problems are the effect of wrong time management.

Another reason of flunking out is stress. Students who do not get used to regular preparation feel stress before exams. They prepare for them all night long and then they feel sleepy and exhausted. Such permanent actions will certainly lead to depressions, illnesses or apathy. On the other hand, students prepare for exams in a hurry because they combine work with study and it is difficult for them to prepare in time. This way of life lead to huge amount of errors while writing tests and receiving bad degrees. Receiving money for their job they start thinking that they do not need college education. In fact, such students do not think about the future and are satisfied with all that they have now (Amann).

It is also worth mentioning that all students have their own demands. Some of them got used to go to different parties and do not prepare for the lectures and seminars. Others feel bored because they realize that this occupation is not interesting for them. Their parents, for example, made them enter this college. Moreover, some students miss their home if they study in the other city. They may not find friends in college or their love partner decided to drop his studies. Students may simply follow the example of their peers and repeat their bad habits or actions. Another important issue is lack of money. College students receive little financial aid from their parents and as a result refuse to continue education (Tyler).

In conclusion, it is useful to summarize all the causes of students expelling from the college. The most significant are: poor preparation, inability to allocate the time, lack of money and bad habits. All these reasons will lead to bad consequences for students. So, to avoid them students should realize that they are adult and need to assume responsibility for their actions. College is a new step in students life. It can be interesting and involving but it demands a lot of time, forces and devotion. The aim of the teachers is to facilitate the process of studying and make it challenging and exciting. Students, in their turn, should do their best to prepare well for studies and exams. They should think about the future career and future benefits even if it is difficult for them to study. The best way is to find a good example and follow it, going towards the aim.


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