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Human Aggression in the Millennium Generation

The millennials is the generation that has attracted most debates that concern human development today. As such, they have been labeled as extremely aggressive, high maintenance and very lazy. As it turns, the millennials harbor a range of complex...
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2017-08-17 13:44:14

Billy Budd, Sailor

A proper reading of this novel Billy Budd, Sailor by Herman Melville discloses that Billy Budd is an embodiment of innocence. Although, Billy Budd possesses all the requisite characters of a handsome sailor, he is majorly characterized by extreme ...
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2017-08-20 16:05:10


Al-Qaida is the Islamic terrorists organization that has turned out to be one of the dangerous terrorist organizations across the world. The group&nb
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2017-08-29 08:01:22

Race and Racism

Selma struck me as an emotional and yet necessary outlook at the historical accounts of racial discrimination and the events that have come to shape inter-racial relationships. For instance, the bombing at the onset of the film was bewildering, to...
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2017-08-30 07:23:50

Is There Such A Thing As A Natural Born Killer?

People being born murderers have emerged as one of the biggest phenomena in the human history. To the extent that one decides to take someones life makes the human race to think that the person might be a psychopath. In a community, there are some...
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2017-08-30 07:55:10

9/11 Mysteries Part 1: Demolition Film Summary

9/11 Mysteries Part 1: Demolition is a film about alternative theories on the happenings of September 11th, 2001. Specifically, the movie focuses on the many incongruities regarding the collapse of the World Trade Centre. We learn that on Septembe...
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2017-09-11 10:54:54

Cambodias Genocide

From the Cambodias genocide, it is clear that while social cohesion may be aimed at social inclusion, capital as well as mobility, social cohesion may not be realizable in a real world as personal interest and objective usually overrides the econo...
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2017-09-06 09:59:52

Genocide in Cambodia

In the Cambodian genocide, imperialism, identity and mass violence were the most common themes that were resonant as the Khmer rouge wanted to extend their power through mass violence. Specific groups were targeted with the crimes especially the ...
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2017-09-07 09:29:30

The 9/11 Commission Report Omissions and Distortions Chapter twelve and thirteen Book Summary

For some time the commissions report of Flight 11J F has been a core issue of contention as people try to determine what or who was responsible for the success of the terror attack on American soil and its people in September 11. On one account, t...
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2017-09-11 10:53:45

Perfect recidivism reduction techniques

Determination of an efficient technique for decreasing the chances of recidivism in child sexual assault offenders remains a blow in various states, and the United States of America is not an exception either. Different scholars point behavioral...
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2017-09-21 06:15:38