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UAVs and computer politics

Unmanned aerial vehicles, better known UAVs, have been developed, and as such, they promise a new revolution in military, and in the transport and shipment of goods and services. UAVs, popularly known as drones, are an aircraft which do not have a...
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2017-09-03 15:09:52

Racism in the United States

In a world that has seen massive development and changes it is disheartening to note that racism is still a scourge affecting people all over the world. One of the most documented and highly criticized forms of racism has been against the African ...
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2017-09-03 15:11:45

Metallica Impact on Popular Culture

Metallica is considered as the band that was formed by a vocalist who acted as a result of a newspaper that was having the information about the band. The band comprised of the founding members who included Hetfield and Ulrich (McIver, 2014). It w...
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2017-09-03 15:12:48

Katherine Dunhams infusion of Caribbean dance style in her work

Katherine Dunham was born in 1909 in Chicago and died in May 21, 2006 to a Canadian French mother and a father who was African American. She was an American choreographer, anthropologist, dancer, social activist, educator and author. Unlike the ot...
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2017-09-03 15:21:27

The African American Culture

Culture can be defined as the beliefs, values, behaviors, and material objects that together characterize a peoples way of living (Scott, 2005). Culture provides social heritage mainly because it is the sum total of the knowledge shared between me...
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2017-09-04 11:31:55

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana, also commonly referred as cannabis, is a drug prepared from the cannabis plant. The drug is used as medicine or as a recreational drug. At present, the use of marijuana has become a very controversial and prominent issue. In the United ...
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2017-09-26 13:42:30

A comparison of Over the Counter Pharmacology Mood disorder supplements at Walgreens

Mental health America defines mood disorders as a category of illnesses that describe serious changes in mood, examples include; depressive and bipolar disorders. Its fundamental causes lie in an imbalance of brain chemicals that produce an effect...
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2017-08-11 08:03:59

A Nation among Nations

The fundamental idea of a Nation among Nations is to change the perception that a territorial space of a country is enough contexts for explaining the United States national history. Hence, Bender emphasizes that any attempt to explain the U.S. h...
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2017-10-02 13:32:23

Free Market, Financial Regulation, Government Intervention

In the United States, the government creates, curates and maintains the free markets. The government is, therefore, responsible for financial regulation and intervention in the free market. Even though many people assume that the government wrecks...
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2017-09-05 07:26:48

Gun Control

Gun control refers to policies or laws that govern the making, vending, transference, ownership, alteration, or usage of firearms. Most of these rules are formulated to regulate crime or lower hazardous effects of violence. Rules regarding gun con...
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2017-09-05 07:28:13