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Tourism has become a major income generator in many countries. Over the last couple of years, Dubai has become a major destination center that attracts millions of visitors every year.
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2019-03-18 02:23:50

USA Tourism

Globalization opponents have always pinpointed that there are adverse effects whether the global forces could be marshaled to support and develop communities or not.
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2018-12-13 02:21:27

Tourism Advertising Essay

Tourism websites have a lot of information concerning culture and heritage of a particular destination. Because of the revolution, this sector has proven to be one of the major sources of revenue for some countries.
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2018-07-18 11:54:24

Role of Government in Tourism and Events Essay

Government roles provide an essential ingredient in determining the success achieved in tourism. The government gets involved in tourism in several ways which enable all players to carry out operations harmoniously.
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2018-07-16 01:29:49

A small place research

According to the "A small place" research, in this book is angry towards the tourists and she depicts them as ugly due to the way they pose enjoying the view of the locals miserable lives.
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2018-06-25 11:57:38

Travel and Tourism Industry Analysis

According to the travel and tourism industry analysis, challenges faced by First Choice Holidays PLC are concentrated on the transitions.
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2018-02-25 22:06:06

Hawaii Essay

My Hawaii essay starts from the description of this wonderful island. It is perceived to be one of the most beautiful islands in this world.
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2017-12-26 06:49:38

Destination in California

You are welcome to learn the destination in California. California is a state to experience coast lines, forests, and magical theme parks.
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2017-11-24 11:08:58

Cyber-security in Smart Travel: The Case Study of Abu Dhabi Airport

Abu Dhabi Airport became the first entity in the Middle East region to create Smart Travel. The airport implemented this initiative in partnership with Abu Dhabi Police and the Ministry of Interior. The system allows passengers to move through security and immigration after checking by interacting specifically with this innovative technology.
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2017-11-01 10:10:56


The digital economy is critical to future trends of the world economy. It will be a driver of growth and productivity. It will change what skills remain competitive and patterns of development. Again, it will accelerate globalization, increase competition, and remove barriers to entry into the international marketplace.
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2017-10-31 08:59:36