This image depicts the architecture of the system I question. However, the different servers (proxy, Content, and Lookup servers) could be housed in a single server with the above architecture.

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The above image also depicts the incorporation of a multi proxy that would enable adaptation of the network with regards to routing tables to provide a resultant transparent roam.

Question 3

The problem of research includes a lack of ready information regarding current system as employed by major companies such as adobe and Microsoft. Obtaining this information has proven difficult as such companies consider the algorithms and thus the systems providing Adaptive streaming to be trade secrets. However, older models are readily available over the internet. The research also incurs issues with application of the suggested solution due to a lack of resources to apply the suggested solution.

Question 4

The alternative solution involves the use of a combination of improving quality scheduler, incorporating a location based bitrate planning with regards to the bandwidth lookup service, and the use of multilink streaming to increase the available bandwidth. The combination of these solutions should ensure an improvement in QoE.

Question 5

The development of the routing tables and the multi proxy identified above would require the use of software such as raster2pgsql. This software would allow the querying of PostGIS extensions that would be essential in developing a solution that coordinates GPS into the multilink system. The software would also be essential in querying PostgreSQL with extension 31.

Question 6

The research is deductive as well as inductive. The design of the research focuses on the research question, methods of data collection, as well as data analysis. The design also focuses on the source of the information presented. I will also depict the methods employed in accessing the sources of information be it interviews or different records. Therefore, a combination of both quantitative and qualitative research methods will be incorporated.


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