The use of Google glass for Electronic Medical Records

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The Google glass is one of the wearable technologies available in the market today. One of the possible applications of Google glass is in creating wearable electronic medical records where a doctor is able to access the medical records of patients, taking photographs of organs during surgery and connecting to cloud applications hosting different medical applications such as patients medical history and X-Ray images. One of the main advantages of using Google glass is the fact that is will make Electronic Medical Records mobile. Some of the possible uses of Google glass for Electronic Medical Records include:

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Taking photographs

A doctor using the wearable technology can take a photograph of the organs of a patient during a surgery session by just coming to the glass to take the picture without having to touch anything. The Google glass can then send the picture to a database of the patients records. By eliminating the need touch any button to command the Google glass, the doctor reduces chances of infection during the process which is one of the advantages of using the technology for electronic medical records.

Recording videos

Doctors using Google glass technology can be able to record sessions of a critical surgery and synchronized with a database of patients records.

Real-time streaming of Patients Encounters

This can allow family members and doctors watch surgeries from any place in the world while doctors concentrate on the operation.

Real-time notifications

Using the Google glass wearable technology, doctors can be able to receive real-time notification of patients who have arrived at their office or who may need immediate assistance.

Reviewing medical profiles

Using the Google glass, doctors can be able to review medical profiles of patients from anywhere in the world.

Documentation of patients

Google glass can assist in the recording of patients data into the electronic medical records system without having to touch a button especially during patients encounters which reduce the amount of time spent using a computer and software. Google glass makes the process seamless.

Diagram of Usage of Google Glass in Medicine


Suggestion of Cloud computing

I would suggest the integration of Google glass for electronic medical records with cloud computing technology. This would make it easier for Google glass to integrate with other enterprise applications and share data in real time. In addition, integration with cloud computing will mean that patients data will be accessible from any place in the world.

Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability

Confidentiality when accessing electronic medical records with Google glass wearable technology is key to successful implementation of the technology while ensuring that data is not accessible to unauthorized persons (Hayat, 2006). One way to ensure confidentiality is through the use of encryption technology. Data that is being transmitted between Google glass and the network is encrypted to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.

Data integrity is another important security concept that has to be considered when using Google glass for electronic medical records (Hayat, 2006). The data should be protected from any modification while under transmission. Again cryptography plays a great role in ensuring that data integrity is maintained during transmission.

Availability is another key consideration which ensures that authorized who need patients information can be able to access it with ease. One of the strategies to ensure availability is through the regular backup of data and also the use of data replication across the server.

Key information security risks and how to mitigate them

Denial of Service attack. This compromises the services by bombarding the server with too many requests and therefore making the service unavailable to genuine users. One way to mitigate this risk is through the use of offsite restore points from which services can be restored.

Computer viruses. These are malicious programs designed to compromise data and files. Computer antivirus software should be used.

Security algorithms such as cryptography play a key role in mitigation of risks.

A security algorithm is a mathematical procedure that is used to encrypt data that is being transmitted over a network. The data that is under transmission is encoded in a form that requires the recipient to apply the same key in order to retrieve the information. This is due to the fact that when data is subjected to the algorithm, it is transformed into a new string of characters which is inaccessible to an unauthorized person, as a result, only the intended person is able to access and read the message as it was originally written. This ensures that data under transmission is secure.


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