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Superpower has extraordinary abilities that the other people cannot have. The powers can be used to help people or can still be used to harm them. The existence of telepaths that is someone who can listen to others minds and know what they are thinking without physical interaction is an example of one superpower. With the powers of a telepath, I can use those powers to help the police arrest criminals. I can also stop any bad thing from happening by revealing the minds of someone thus creating a just society too.

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As a telepath, I can have the ability to extract information from one's minds with or without their consent. Having me in the investigation department, for example, will ease the police work. This is because I only need to meet the suspect and can help in finding out if what the suspect is saying is the truth or not. Crimes will reduce because suspects will not get away with what they had done. Such powers when utilized, a peaceful society will be created where there is no deaths and interference from thieves or any criminals.

Being a telepath, I cannot only help in arresting the guilty suspects but also in the execution of justice to those who are not guilty. Telepath are trusted and whatever they say about anybody is believed. By extracting the information from one's minds, a telepath can save the life of someone who is not guilty of going into prison. That will promote justices as well as fairness in the police department avoiding torturing suspects as if they have already proven them guilty. Police sometimes can be so torturous, and they do that for different reasons. Maybe some of them have been in the same situation and wanted to revenge or just for job purpose.

I will be able to know the reasons behind the hard torture and help at least in the execution of justice. Another situation that I can contribute to solving terrorism attacks. Terrorist like planning their activities in places where everyone is busy like in hotels and restaurants. Having me in the hotels or restaurant will help to find out the terrorist and taking them for questioning. As a telepath also by reading people’s minds I will be able to stop anything bad planned from happening. A telepath can reveal the evil intentions by someone to the police, and something will be done to ensure that whatever evil planned is not going to happen. Some people may think of killing themselves for one reason or the other. Such matter does not even need police help but with the powers to read the minds; a telepath can give them advice and help them from losing their lives.

In conclusion, telepaths help and are one superpower that needs to be utilized if it is found to exist. People need to help the ones with that power to accept themselves by appreciating what they do because sometimes the ones with the powers are not comfortable with it. Though reading one's minds without their consent can be an invasion of someone’s privacy, a telepath can use other ways to convince the person not to do whatever they want to and give reasons for that. Telepaths help not only in creating a peaceful society by ensuring that terrorist is no more. They can also assist people from getting involved in bad companies or groups that can harm them later. By doing that, they ensure that the people they love are at peace every time and are assured of their security wherever they go.

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