Free Essay Sample: Step-by-Step Guide for the Development of Personal Leadership Qualities

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Personal Leadership Development Plan

Leadership is the fundamental quality that aids people manage teams, organize work, and stay productive. At this point, it is indispensable to mention that leaders are inevitable for the proper functioning of any company or facility. However, leaders are not born, they are created. What does it mean? It is impossible to deny that it will be complicated for a person to become a leader without corresponding innate qualities, like determination, goal-orientation and hard work, but becoming a devoted leader also presupposes spending a lot of time learning and acquiring new traits.

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People who strive to advance their leadership capacity should choose the strategy and create a detailed plan that would guide them to the desired success. The personal leadership advancement intention is exactly what may help you grow, enhance inevitable skills and learn how to take responsibility.

Core Advantages of Personal Leadership Development Plan

Creation and fulfillment of the program are the two most exacting, time-consuming and complicated processes on the way to perfection. However, once you succeed with them, you will become an excellent leader who is not only ready to take decisions but also stay accountable for the outcomes.

When it comes to the personal leadership progress plans, it is indispensable to mention that they may vary a lot, depending on the situation. In certain instances, they are viewed as an agreement between the employer and the worker, which will lead to the advancement of individual skills and professional qualities. Thus, the moment the individual leadership development plan is aligned with a specific business strategy, organizations get a chance to link their investments to broader goals. Besides, it is inevitable to remember that no matter if you create an individual plan or the one offered by the employer, it is an excellent opportunity to grow professionally, obtain valuable experience, broaden your vision and become better.

Various Aspects to Take Into Account in the Future Plan

Before people start working on the enhancement of the individual leadership development plan, there are numerous undertakings they should consider. First of all, it is critical to make an extensive list of characteristics and peculiarities an influential leader should have. Make sure you include not only generalized traits but also specific ones that can be useful in the industry or position you are at.

Once you succeed with this step, you can analyze the current situation and make certain conclusions about your personality and leadership qualities. Here, you will discover your strong and weak points, including the characteristics you have already developed and the ones you still have to work on. At this point, it is indispensable to remember that a persuasive leader is aimed at developing as many positive traits and qualities as possible. Therefore, you should be critical of yourself, especially while estimating your instability and power.

After you have compiled a comprehensive list of abiding goals you strive to reach in terms of your personal development, you may proceed to making a plan. The document is personal and does not require any specific formatting or style. Instead, you are free to do it in the most convenient way. While the characteristics do not matter, the content is the thing that is valuable. What should be included in the personal leadership development program? Check out a few things to consider.

Qualities to Advance

To be a leader is a responsible and exacting task that requires a deep understanding of the sphere, awareness of the specific role and acknowledgment of basic tasks. Thus, a competent leader is the one who organizes meetings, discusses goals, provides feedback, shares valuable information with the team members and organizes the proper functioning of the team. What qualities may potentially help you succeed with all these tasks? Analyze your position, detect the traits you should develop or improve and take your time to excel at them. Keep in mind that nothing is given for granted, so you should always be ready for hard work and a lot of practice.

Experience to Achieve

Potential leaders who succeed with the first point should proceed to the next stage, analyzing the strategic responsibilities. Running the office or managing a team’s work, you will have to accomplish various tasks and deal with projects you have never come across before. Therefore, be ready to accept challenges and find quick solutions to the most complicated issues. At this point, it is inevitable to create a personal leadership development plan that will not only align with your main purpose but will also provide you with valuable experience.

Connections to Build

Meeting people, dealing with problems within the team and interaction with colleagues or partners are the tasks a leader cannot avoid. Interpersonal skills, an ability to be an attentive listener and a polite interlocutor are critical for any leader. Consequently, this point should also be mentioned in the plan. Make sure the traits you want to advance will help you become stronger, more productive and effective in communicating with people.

Tasks to Delegate

It is impossible for a leader to accomplish all the tasks and manage the undertakings without any assistance, which means that a compelling leader should strike a balance between the projects that should be dealt with personally and the ones that can be delegated. Additionally, it is critical to divide all the obligations into urgent and abiding ones, as the strategies for their accomplishment will vary a lot.

Actions to Take

Working on the personal leadership development program, one should remember that the leader is the person that leads, not rules. So, you should include some practical tasks into your plan, for instance, meeting a mentor, reading relevant books on leadership or visiting a corresponding master class.

Indicators to Define Success

Leaders are responsible for the success of the whole team rather than individual prosperity. Thus, strategic planning, advancement of the quality of teamwork, improving morale and continuous learning are the tasks that should obligatorily be included in the personal leadership development plan.

Steps to Building a Successful Leadership Development Plan

An individual leadership growth plan should be a relevant and up-to-date document that deals with current issues and addresses personal needs. Advancing and developing skills does not mean completely changing your life but rather taking little steps to noticeable success.

Once you have developed an extensive leadership plan, you should make an effort to attain it. The process is long and exacting, so you should be patient and goal-oriented, striving to reach the desired outcomes. Here are numerous actions you can take to get closer to the result.

Get Feedback

No matter if you receive critical or positive comments, they will draw you closer to the desired result. When you get feedback from your colleagues or team, you can understand whether you are moving in the right direction. Besides, you will get an extra chance to detect your weak and strong points, improving the first ones and strengthening the second.

Have a Mentor

Even the most influential and powerful leader is not almighty. Therefore, it is critical to find a mentor who will support, guide and provide honest feedback. It is the person who will tell you the truth about the accomplishment of your plan and will assist you in setting and attaining new goals.

Keep Practicing

There is no limit to perfection, so you should keep studying, gaining knowledge, mastering skills and advancing personal qualities. Reading books, visiting thematic meetings, and leadership retreats are the best experiences for those who strive to excel, advance and grow.

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