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Statistical Research Proposal

The main aim of statistics is to test a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a guess about something in the environment around; it is a proposed reasoning given on the basis of a limited proof as the beginning point for additional investigation.
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2019-03-11 06:11:39

Intercultural competence for Arabic learners

In the research project about Intercultural competence for Arabic learners, a total of 25 participants completed the questionnaire. They included 12 males and 13 females.
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2018-08-06 01:13:15

Data and Statistics

21.3% of the persons in New York are 18 and below, which brings the average age of the city significantly below the national one.
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2018-02-16 11:31:08

Statistics tasks and report

The company has 474 employees composed of 216 males and 258 females. The average salary paid by the company is 5441.36.
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2018-02-07 20:37:45

Response to Jerome Kagans Essay On Stress

The term stress refers to the reaction that a person may attain in relation to the changes in a particular stimulus.
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2018-01-05 21:48:19

Regression Statistics

Statistics is absolutly useful in drawing general conclusions about a set of data from a sample of it.
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2017-12-02 14:28:53

Statistics and probability practice problems

You are welcome to read our statistics and probability practice problems. X is a hypergeometric distribution.
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2017-11-30 14:02:49

Multiple Regression Analysis

You are welcome to read the multiple regression analysis. Beta coefficient of stock is used to measure market risk. beta coefficient is calculated with a graph, with one variable on the Y-axis and the other two on the X-axis. The slope of the characteristic or regression line can indicate the level of business friendliness.
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2017-10-31 09:10:35

Business Statistics Homework Help

Do you need Business Statistics Homework Help? It is important for them to pay 3.14 because it is a value that represents the entire variables. This price is most appropriate because it not very high or it is very low to allow the company makes a profit (Oakshott, 2001). It is appropriate for the customers not to pay a value more than Q2 but above Q3 because paying above Q3 would not attract customers but make them switch
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2017-10-23 07:40:24

Business Statistics

You are welcome to read our Business Statistics essay. Currently there is a rapid change in the way businesses carry out their activities in order to achieve greater competitive advantage. What people have perceived as dreams is currently becoming into reality and this has led to greater improvement into the way companies carry out their activities (Oakshott, 2001).
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2017-10-23 07:34:10