Single Parenting and Parenting

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Every parent in a family is significant and has an essential meaning. There are various needs in requirements that a family needs to stay a life that is beyond the mere survival. A family that contains a single mother, for instance, will be challenged as just a single parent cannot be able to provide for all the requirements needed. The situation will even be worse when in this unique family the only existing parent is economically unstable and cannot be able to afford for all the family needs. Such scenarios normally harden the parenting responsibility, and it becomes hard for either of the single parents to take care of the children. They thus end up in the streets as street kids in search of food and proper clothing.

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This study focuses to peer into the various ways with which single parenting and poverty affects the lives of the children. This is because the number of street children has been reportedly increased to a greater number and according to the principal researchers; one of the main issues resulting to this shooting numbers is single parenting and poverty among most of the families in the nation.

Through the past academic studies and resources regarding this issue of poverty and sing parenting, this study obtains the necessary and relevant data and information that enable it to quantitatively discuss these issues that affects leads to single parenting and poverty and their results.

Single parenting leads to a life that is in complete among the children as they will grow up lacking some qualities that the missing parent could have provided to them(M Krajcer). A family with a single parent for instance a single mother will have a lack of some values, for example the children will require some traits that are commonly acquired or input into them by a male figure in the family. This family with only mother will most probably face some financial strains as most research shows that for every ten single parented families headed by a mother faces economic constraints and challenges (S Lawley).

Single parenting among the mothers typically makes the parents involve themselves in the possible means that can help them have some source of income. Approximately 53 percent of single mothers struggle with money because they are unable to find an affordable, quality, child care, due that they have no high school diploma, leaving them with few job opportunities, that would lead to having a job with minimum wage CITATION Jac \l 1033 (Kirby). It has even gotten to a point where these single mothers have led their selves to prostitution just to feed their child. About 70% of these women do damage to their bodies just because they cannot receive social benefits. These mothers also influence their children to such behavior thus ruining their feature lives and exposing them to great dangers such as diseases.

Several studies show that families that are single parents headed by a poor single father faces many problems in terms of parenting. Most of the single parents are poor in handling economic and financial stress thus resulting in drug abuse (AM Modise). This study, for instance, states that due to the pressure caused by such constraints, the parents are forced to start abusing drugs, and this affects the children adversely. They are not able to to bring up their children appropriately, and they are brought up so poorly with quiet discipline. Most parents who do not result into drug abuse like alcoholism end up in very weird ways of making the ends meet like theft and the traits are taken by their children.

It is therefore it is just to conclude that parenting and upbringing depend on the parenting and the kind of parents that bring them up. The family economic status also defines a lot about their future characters and traits. A child needs a good background in terms of all the needs that he requires and the full parenting. Parents should, therefore, try every means possible to prove all the necessities that their children need, regardless of whether they are single or complete parents.

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