Should Music be censored by the Government?

Published: 2020-08-13 06:35:14
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The music industry has for many years rocked the world of entertainment. Over five billion people across the world love music. It is the best form of entertainment during recreation. However, as the time escalates over the years, the music industry keeps evolving. New musicians are born from time to time. What used to be simple soft encouraging music has evolved into various forms. The names given to some of these songs include; Rnbs, Rock, country music among many others. With the industry evolving, some form of music poses ethical dilemma. Today, some of the lyrics of songs contain vulgar and explicit language. This should not be the way to go for the many people who are listening to music. Thus, to answer the question on whether the government should censor music the answer should be yes.

Some music lyrics should be censored, not with the aim to downcast the creativity of an individual, but to moderate these songs. The number of young children that listen to these songs is alarming. Children as little as 12 years of age are doing what a 20 year old should be doing. The sense that is driven to these young children when they listen to these songs is altered in one way or another. Some of the songs lyrics have vulgar language. Teenagers and many Americans are influenced by the lyrics of these songs to engage in criminal activities as well as drugs and sex.

Many parents are concerned about what their children listen to. Many are the times when parents hide remote controls for the Radio and Television in a bid to protect the young ones. However, controlling the young children is not easy. Therefore, the only help parents can get is if the government censored the music. Young children are crafty and will look for all means in order to satisfy themselves through listening to the music.

I do agree with the fact that freedom of expression is of essence, but when this freedom is geared towards causing immediate harm or when it is addressed to an audience that is captive and cannot control its harmful effects, then the freedom of expression should be censored. Children cannot control what they see or hear. It is also important to note that most of the music industries want to increase their sales and that is why they target the young children and teenagers, through easily manipulating them. Much like many other companies, the music industry uses captivating and explicit images that lead individuals to temptation. As a result many people buy the CDs and albums with the intent of listening to the music as well as checking out the explicit images.

Some of the songs are meant to mock religion or other tribes. These songs only breed hatred among individuals. They can also lead to destruction by individuals. It is believed that some songs lead individuals into engaging in devil worship and this is true. Most musicians engage in devil worship for fame and money.

In conclusion, the government should censor the lyrics of the songs that deem unfit for the children as well as adults. By so doing, individuals can be able to nurture their creativity and talents by singing motivational songs rather than destructive songs. Gospel songs should be given much credit to avert such behaviors as drug use and premature involvement in sex.


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