Should Key Events in the Historical Development of Areas of Knowledge Always be Judged by their Time?

Published: 2019-12-09 07:30:00
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The theory of knowledge is essential because it assist students to be global minded people who recognize our human race and enhance stability of our planet as well as making it a better place to live in. However, various communities have the assumption on the ultimate source of our knowledge (Lehrer, 2015). For example, some believe that it is based on our experience, reasoning, belief, or perception among others. The key event in history development refers to the past activities such as physically evolvement of the modern man. Thus, this activities play a big role in expansion of knowledge. Todays science has a great relationship with those past development event. Their standard of time is the period they believed to have took place such as one thirty years ago human are believed to have structurally evolved. Over time people have identified new changes and invention. Secondary qualities is very essential in this theory but knowledge that comes as a result of it do not offer impartial facts about things (Rotenberg & Dombrowski 2013). This is because SQs are the qualities such as color, sound, taste, and smell that object in order to perceive them. For example, people always project an apple to be red which is not really reddish in color while a lemon is projected to have a sour taste. The theory of knowledge is well organized and centralize on area of knowing which comprises of emotions, experience, language (non-verbal and verbal) and logic as well as area of knowledge that comprises of ethics, art, languages, mathematics science and human sciences (Rotenberg & Dombrowski 2013). Some of the questions that people ask concerning knowledge include what are some of the ways of knowing do people use in order to connect with and understand history? How has the different form of human sciences changed? What relationship do todays human sciences have with those of the past? Or how does the knowledge framework aid a student in exploring, discussing and understanding the areas of knowledge?

Key events in the historical development of area of knowledge should not be judged by their time. Therefore, people should only focus on new area of knowledge, shape and developed the existing ones by ensuring that key events and historical processes that led to current knowledge are understood (Lehrer, 2015). This is because historical events had a different impact depending on how the generations viewed the world and were also influenced by their cultural values. If the current generation were to use the same standards as they were applied in the past they would distort knowledge because they are based on limited knowledge of facts and relationship phenomena. However, the event in the historical development still contribute and are still an essential impact in the area of knowledge regardless of their time. Ancient object are still preserved for studies and help in understanding of current occurrences.

Historical development event play a big role in various areas of knowledge regardless of their time. They still assist in explaining the various aspect in different areas (Rotenberg & Dombrowski 2013). For example, studding of the remains of the ancient man help to understand and evaluate the evolvement of man over time. In the field of psychology most theory are as a result of analyzing, recording and evaluating different behaviors over time. Psychologist such as John Watson used ideas from other more experienced psychologist that were there before him (Lehrer, 2015). Past event are very essential in the psychology and other areas therefore, they should be considered in the area of knowledge but not judged by their time.


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