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Western-style Boarding Schools in China

In numerous Asian nations, especially those of the previous British Commonwealth, Western-style boarding schools have for quite some time been prevalent. British families living abroad sent their children to boarding schools to guarantee that they...
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2017-10-06 15:28:03

Investigating the Popularity of Western Education Establishments in China

The Chinese government has dedicated themselves in fighting a war on American culture and the use of English in the country. This is because, most urban children commonly begin studying English, along with math and Chinese, in the third grade, and...
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2017-10-06 15:05:07

Should Electronics be Allowed in School

Technological advances and the availability of information and communication make many colleges embrace the bring-your-own-device to college policy. This essay examines the positive and negative factors of these the electronic devices in college. ...
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2017-10-05 09:56:31

Western Education in China

The methodology that will be used for the study of western education in China is the qualitative research method. Given the nature of the situation that will be under investigation in this study the use of a qualitative approach will be most formi...
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2017-09-26 13:24:26

ADHD: Parents, Teachers, and Schools Inclusion in Lebanon

The study aims at depicting ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as a complex and severe medical condition that poses notable controversies in the educational environment. It will reveal ADHD as a major issue that interferes with childr...
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2017-09-22 11:05:53

Benefits of school uniforms

Schools are present everywhere throughout the universe, and large portions of these schools confront the same issues as different schools. One open issue rotating around schools are the worries on the clothing regulation. The majority of the Gover...
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2017-08-22 10:53:45

Successful study techniques

I struggled in school ever since I was in elementary school. Things did not come easy to me and I needed a lot of support from my family and extra tutoring to get through school. As a family, we decided to work harder versus getting tested and get...
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(518 Words)
2017-07-14 13:46:06

Overcoming an academic challenge

In my sophomore year of high school I transferred from the Academy of Mount St. Ursula to Democracy Prep Charter High School. My grades weren`t all that great so I transferred into a school that was said to be more academically prestigious. Althou...
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2017-07-14 13:40:45

The most difficult academic problem I have faced

My most difficult problem academically was getting through my senior year in high school. During the school year, Monday through Friday, I had to get up for school at 5:20 a.m., and I usually would not leave school until 6:00 p.m. My school, Co...
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2017-07-12 11:59:32

The influence of culture on education

Awakened by the subtle hum of the engine and rattling of keys outside, I stand in complete darkness as I unlock the door careful not to wake the five other people sleeping. The door opens and the moonlight illuminates a face covered in black powde...
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2017-07-05 14:08:56