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The characters who develop this theme are Poseidon and Odyssey. Poseidon does this by ensuring that all the people who sail with Odyssey die on the way while Odyssey kills all suitors and disloyal servants in his household. Thirdly, the theme of appearance versus reality is also developed. Athena keeps on changing the appearance of Odyssey to get some things, like on his journey.

The stylistic devices that have been employed in the Odyssey are the same styles applied in epic poems. They include similes, metaphors, and elevated language. The high language aspect is mostly observed in the original version since translations cannot present it in the best way. Another device employed is the use of similes. Examples of these are; "as a blacksmith plunges a glowing ax or adze / in an ice-cold bath and the metal screeches steam / and its temper hardens.(9.438-41) Penelope's joy is expressed as;"joy, warm as the joy that shipwrecked sailors feel / when they catch sight of land.(23.262-63 in Fangles).

Homer has presented the poem very well. He has used his characters to develop the thematic concerns. Odyssey has been to develop the theme of hospitality. In his home, the suitors are taking advantage of his people's hospitality and misuse his wealth. Because of this he murders them when he gets home. Also, Poseidon has also been used by the author to develop the theme of vengeance. He revenge for his daughter by making sure Odyssey suffers on his journey though his fate was decided by the gods.

Also, the author used the setting to develop the plot of the story. Without the geographical shifts, the plot of the story would not be developed (Tompkins, Jane P, 1980). Thus, the setting has helped the author develop the plot of the story and the story as a whole.The Odyssey, however, has its shortcomings. The story has many exaggerations that are clearly seen as exaggerations. The gods changing people's form is not normal and cannot happen in the ordinary circumstances. The story will not be well understood by people of the modern day because it has a lot of the past in it. Many of these experiences like what conspired between the population and the gods will be seen as anti-religious happenings. The many suitors thing will also make less sense to today's literature students since they are not happening in today's world.

In conclusion, The Odyssey is an epic poetry book that is crucial in the ancient literature. It has all the features of epic poetry and is well presented. Also, the thematic concern has been well explored and presented. The characters have been used well to explore the themes. Also, arguments have been used to develop and express different character traits. The setting has also been used to develop the plot seen above. In short, the book is well written and easily understandable. This author has presented the work well, and this is beneficial to literature.

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