Medical Admissions Committee. Essay Sample

Published: 2023-10-09
Medical Admissions Committee. Essay Sample
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I am writing this letter of recommendation to support Farida Burenbeiya in her medical school application. During the Fall of 2018, she took the introductory chemistry lecture and laboratory courses I taught at Hillsborough Community College, serving as a student. Throughout the semester, I observed her dedication to learning, maturity, and perseverance, among other qualities that made her stand apart from her other classmates. She is among the most hardworking students I have ever taught. She possesses all the necessary skills needed to pursue her best course in your medical school. She is dedicated to achieving the best in her career while maintaining all the necessary virtues needed for a medical student. Over her education period in the college, she has portrayed ultimate respect for other students as well as her instructors. She has not recorded any form of indiscipline within the institution. She has unique collaborating skills, which makes her outstanding among other students.

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Farida has recorded consistent class attendance as well as maintaining time. I can always tell when Farida was in class, not only because she routinely sat in front at the same seat, but because she never missed a class, was always on time, and came to class prepared. She also produced quality work, completing her assignments and lab reports on time. Whenever I asked questions during the lecture, she actively participated and engaged throughout the learning process which was conducive to the learning environment. She frequently came by during office hours for clarification or to carefully analyze problems using logical reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities that allowed her to connect the knowledge to real-world applications. It was clear that she is passionately committed to learning, which resulted in her understanding of the concepts to retain information. Her persistence and intellectual curiosity are reflected in her performance in my class.

Farida’s core abilities and skills outcompete other students I had encountered earlier, especially in maintaining active collaboration and being focused on her core duty. During my interactions with Farida, I found out that she is a non-traditional student serving in the military, which explains her maturity, social awareness, and interpersonal skills. She has low temperament hence capable of interacting with other students without conflict incidents. She maintains active listening while working with her colleagues. She is always ready to consult and offer help at a personal level while respecting other people’s opinions. She set an example by following rules, always being respectful toward others and property to ensure safety. During lab procedures, she effectively collaborated with her lab partner or her other classmates, where they carefully followed step-by-step procedures to achieve the desired outcome of the experiment. She understands the concept of teamwork, receptive to feedback, which also motivated others to learn.

Farida’s intellectual ability and interpersonal skills make her teachable, which are necessary traits to develop to become a successful medical student and an excellent future physician serving patients one day. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Farida Burenbeiya for the medical program.


Name, PhD

Professor of Chemistry

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