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Leaders are faced with challenges on how they should manage their global operations successfully. From the description of a crisis involving leaders, below is a detailed analysis of some of the issues that led to the HS Holding crisis. Implementation of James as a leader does not work anymore, and considerations have been developed whether his leadership skills are something to trust anymore.

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How well has James managed his global team?

James fits the position of Global Business manager pretty well. According to the criteria mentioned in the text, James is fit to hold the job through showing expertise as a global policymaker, architecture of worldwide asset; he is the one in charge of resource configuration and finally as a coordinator of cross border transfers. The role of James in the company makes him lead all these global teams.

However, James is having trouble managing his global team. In terms of rating, the team is not doing very severely; neither is it doing very well (exhibit 3). The progress is quite fair. One of the biggest challenges James has in managing his global team is the existence of time zone differences. The problem of time zone differences has limited communication between James and his global team. It is very challenging for James to come up with conference call time that favors him and all the members of his groups in the different zones that they exist. The best way that James can improve management for his team is by creating a timed conference call with members of his global team over the different countries. He can also enhance the management of his global team by creating monthly and weekly time zones, which will improve communication.

Who is responsible for the HS holding crisis?

Two people are to be blamed for the crisis at HS Holdings. Nick Elliot and Gregg James are the ones responsible for the disaster at HS Holdings. Nick is the support engineer for the Santa Clara team, and he is to blame for the following mistakes;

He is to be blamed for neglect of duty as the holder of the primary contact for the HS Holdings. Despite being the primary holder of the connection, he hasn't updated the account's phone number. The closure of the phone number so that he couldn't be reached has cost the organization. His cell phone is off prevented communication between him and the underneath engineers from happening. The resultant aftermath was that quality checking for engineers was utterly diminished. Nick's lose talk also contributes more problems. He is heard underrating the Indian team, which becomes drastic. The degradation of the Indian team utterly hurts the morale, culture, and overall policy of the business.

The second person to be held responsible for the crisis of HS Holdings is Greg James. James lacks a comprehensive ERP system that can help him communicate with teams. These default in communication leads to failure in updating the policy in terms of customer information. The system without update then fails to function correctly. The system had failed at a time when it was needed the most. Communication tool and protocol had failed at the time the customers needed to access the system. Greg also underestimated the impact that existed when his team did not understand the cultural differences that existed between them. His failure to address this critical issue triggered a disconnection among employees and management. All these problems originated from the inability of Greg James. Blames on the crisis of the company can be entirely on Nick and James.

What role did the "open work" environment play on this case

The open work environment was vital in all the capacities that it could. Firstly, it helped reduce the operating cost at Suns. The program exploited technological support that was crucial in reducing the cost of operations. The technical support used was also vital in increasing employee satisfaction rates. Employees of the company were enabled to work from anywhere within their own time regardless of the time zone differences.

Most importantly, the open work environment enabled the proper maintenance of productivity. Sun created a suitability assessment for the employees that are willing to participate in the open environmental program. It explains why the program also contributed to some negative roles. The employees had the flexibility and freedom to schedule and balanced professional and private life. The disadvantage of this flexibility is that it was only limited to a few employees who had applied for the open environment work program. Their applications were approved, and only then did they sign for the employee consent (exhibit 2). Another negative role played by the open work environment is that it ignited the rift of cultural diversity within the work environment.

What role did diversity play on this team?

Diversity created a lack of collaborative climate among the members of the team. There was a lack of collegiality among the team members, which revealed the impact that cultural diversity had affected the organization. There is an apparent shifting of blames from members of a particular culture to the next. A lot of blame is shifted among the team, thereby creating a group and personal conflicts. A perfect example was when the team accused the UAE team of neglect. Indian engineers have also been indicted for lack of quality and depth in their works. It is through diversity that Nick develops the perception that the Indian team is incompetent. It is diversity, which has created bad blood between Indians and Americans. Diversity has primarily contributed to the crisis felt at HS holdings.

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