Essay Sample: Management Skills as the First Steps to Prosperity

Published: 2022-04-04 13:15:21
Essay Sample: Management Skills as the First Steps to Prosperity
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Productive leadership is one of the factors that help businesses in times of tribulations. It helps to keep the organization effective and successful even during its worst periods. The absence of leadership may result in the loss of the way, facing stagnancy. Although the proper organization is always related to more stress on the timelines, accuracy, and completeness of work, it still has much to do with indispensable implementations. A devoted leader encourages and motivates workers to stay united around the company’s objectives.

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If you surf the web, you will come across multiple definitions of who the leader is. While some people focus mainly on their ability to organize the process and manage the staff, others are more concerned about the intrapersonal skills that predetermine the outcomes of the work. Anyway, a good leader is the one who is capable of transforming a weak business plan into a prosperous and successful one. Looking back at world history, you can discover a plethora of impressive examples that may contribute to a portrait of a perfect leader. Thus, Winston Churchill was one of the most proactive leaders with great vision and incomparable leadership skills. Rich Teerlink is another great man who managed to keep his company prospering even during the darkest times for the market. Moreover, he kept changing and advancing his product so that it could stand out.

It is indispensable to mention that leadership is a characteristic that can be learned and advanced during life. Therefore, if you strive to follow the example of well-known people or just become a successful manager, you should consider the below-mentioned options.

Strategic Management: The Notion and Its Peculiarities

Before you dive into the world of strategic management, you should deal with the definitions. It is the state when you keep taking different actions aimed at the development of an effective strategy that will help to reach corporate goals. The phenomenon is complex, so it requires sustained effort, determination, and persistence. Additionally, it is critical to emphasize that a prosperous company cannot exist without perfect strategic management and powerful leadership, which are interdependent terms.

The modern business world is exceptionally demanding, so it is difficult to make a positive impression on a team and keep it lasting. Nonetheless, if you manage to establish yourself as a responsible leader, your career opportunities will expand immediately. According to the results of numerous studies, the vast majority of executives strive to master their leadership qualities, as they may increase future prospects. Thus, if you become a successful leader, you can:

  • Encourage and motivate others to action
  • Lead, inspire and empower the personnel
  • Radiate integrity and honesty
  • Share the values and objectives of the organization
  • Remain dependable and courageous even in the most complicated situations
  • Stay ambitious and goal-oriented
  • Communicate the desires of the team and the vision of the company.

Strategic Management as the Basis of Business Prosperity

Once you are aware of the basic definition and most significant peculiarities of strategic management, you should realize that it is the foundation of durable business prosperity. A company that is ready to face all the challenges and problems associated with the adjustment of strategic management will have a unique chance to define a clear and concise plan that will coincide with the end goals. A deep understanding of basic principles of strategic management may help business professionals and managers of different levels to become united and start working on the same goal.

The organizations that realize the prominence of the experience care for their personnel to get corresponding training that will expand their vision and give a chance to formulate exclusive strategies, develop necessary skills and show ultimate productivity. The peculiarities of proper thinking patterns, work planning, execution, and strategy creation are the core aspects that help to build proper strategic plans and keep the facility productive.

The Prominence of Strategic Management for Leadership Position

While the advantages of the option for business are obvious, it is critical to describe their significance for leaders. First of all, one should remember that its insights provide company leaders to align the core objectives and purposes of the company. Additionally, the managers get an opportunity to estimate the social, technological, economic, and political factors that may influence and frequently even predetermine the business environment.

Gaining an ability to analyze the advantages and downsides of the company, mid-level managers obtain a chance to get the desired promotion. Additionally, such people can continuously pursue novice in the industry, implementing the most beneficial options and being ready to face critical challenges without any damage to the organization.

Keep in mind that strategic management points can be used as the foundation for understanding the indispensable constituents of business administration in terms of the world economy. Such aspects as personnel efficiency and productivity, corporate responsibility, and ethics become trivial issues that are not doubted or questioned. Gaining or expanding knowledge in the area, managers can set the company’s priorities and opt for the most effective strategies on the way to their implementation. Human resource management, corporate sustainability, resource allocation, and a plethora of other topics are covered by the term.

Top 5 Leadership Skills to Practice

Once you get the desired promotion and become a project manager or company leader, you should do your best to stay influential and professional in your position. Excellent skills, comprehensive knowledge, and an array of other features are indispensable for those who strive to stand out from the crowd and make the company corresponding.

Striving to be a productive leader, you will have to perform well and meet the expectations of your boss. It will take much of your time and effort to improve some skills and learn to be a smart and effective leader. Are you hard-working and goal-oriented? Well, that is great, but not enough. Check out the list of the five most important skills you will have to practice in order to be respected and appreciated.


A constant desire to control everything and do everything independently is not always good. At some point, the leader should learn to delegate some responsibilities to get extra time for other issues. In the overwhelming majority of instances, leaders fail to entrust certain tasks which are important and the result of which may influence some other aspects. Instead, managers are always ready to ask different members of the company to perform some actions that are insignificant and do not require a special approach.

Nonetheless, if the leader strives to become effective, it is critical to master the ability to share some roles and let people feel responsible for some processes.

Unbiased Vision

Even though we may not notice it, biases are everywhere. In most instances, the way people treat others depends on their appearance, nationality, age, gender, background, or some other factor. However, the main goal of a leader is to understand the true value of the worker. You should view the personnel as professionals who have the unique skills and knowledge necessary for the flawless work of the company.

At this point, it is critical to remember that a successful manager never makes decisions based on bias. Instead, the skills, qualifications, and professionalism of the staff are important.


Browsing the web, you can easily come across the most different facts and discover interesting information that may completely transform the company you work for. Nonetheless, being an effective leader is telling trusted sources from fake. As people are surrounded by information, they should know how to avoid noise from what is really important. Learn to comprehend, analyze and make conclusions if you strive to become a mindful manager who makes sound decisions.


Being a leader is about being honest and transparent. If you want your team to stay effective and perform well, you should be the one disclosing some critical information and sharing important facts. If the manager behaves suspiciously, the personnel cannot trust him, which reduces the productivity and efficiency of the company. Therefore, the successful leader is the one who can aspire, motivate and inspire staff to demonstrate undeniable quality and professionalism.

Ability to Build Relations

Irrespective of the company you work for, relationships between workers is the cornerstone of its prosperity. If the team is friendly and cooperative, you will not have problems with their performance. The leader’s task here is to keep the spirit of the personnel and encourage them to be friendly and supportive. Build relationships with other managers and workers so that you can work together productively and effectively.

Additionally, it is inevitable to highlight that these are not all the skills and qualifications a successful leader should have. Instead, the constant ability to learn, advance, and master knowledge is also important. Additionally, problem-solving and influencing skills, together with goal orientation, and adjustability, may be the options you cannot thrive without.

Final Thoughts

Effective and professional managers should make an effort to advance their leadership skills and stay effective. Fortunately, following the practical guidelines mentioned above, people can considerably improve their skills and become more influential. No matter if you choose self-help or formal learning, you have a chance to succeed. Focus on the advancement of delegation, organization, and communication skills that may become critical for your career.

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