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Feminism and Jane Austen

Jane Austen is one of the most prominent women of her time who had tremendous influence on how the women were perceived in the 19th century. During that time, women were considered to be unequal to men and often were oppressed in the social, polit...
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2017-08-06 11:29:07

Canterbury Tales, Story of Lady of Bath and The Knight

The characters manifestation in the contemporary context would show they behave in the same way. Only that this time it would be so evident and they would not be in a position to hide their characters from the audience. For instance, the Wife of B...
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2017-08-07 09:21:01

Female Characters and References within Shakespeare's Play Macbeth

Women are portrayed in various ways in plays by Shakespeare. Shakespeare has attributed women to both strengths and weaknesses to give them their actual personalities. His works apparently reflect a picture of the treatment and conception of women...
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2017-08-10 09:15:11

Orientation and Symbolism and Allegory

As a nurse, it demands a lot of dedication, humility, hard work, passion, compassion, dedication and lastly knowledge and understanding. I find Patch Adams, as an inspiration and a role model. Patch Adams percept that, laughter, joy, and creativit...
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2017-08-10 09:27:02

Meaning and Work

Finding the meaning in your work is an article written by Katherine Brooks Ed. D. In this article Katherine Brooks trays to show how finding the meaning in your job can help you to transform you as a person and also the organization you are in. Sh...
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2017-08-12 11:47:07

Life in the Iron Mills

American literature of the 19th century is represented by a variety of genres, reflecting tendencies and cultural processes in the American society. Short story Life in the Iron Mills (1861) by Rebecca Harding Davis takes a particular place among ...
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2017-08-12 11:53:40

Aint I a Woman

Sojourner of Truth makes a very powerful and touching speech. According to the speeches, she works as a slave in someone's home or farm. It is for this reason that she cannot be allowed to own even her children. Her master controls her together wi...
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2017-08-12 11:56:30

Primary source analysis on gender: Aint a Woman

Basing the focus on gender, Aint I a Woman remains as an artifact that was spoken during a womans convention with the primary focus on fights for women rights. In this famous speech, Sojourner Truth spent most of her life traveling the country wit...
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2017-08-14 10:46:07


To find someone of a perfect match and be in a true relationship is a hard nut to crack. To maintain a relationship is even more challenging than to enter into it. There are some qualities that a perfect relationship requires to last for a longer ...
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2017-08-16 11:12:58

Review of The Price of Inequality by Joseph Stiglitz

The book The Price of Inequality by Joseph Stiglitz discusses the circumstances surrounding the difficult economic circumstances facing the average American citizen. Unlike the popular information being doled out by the politicians, economical ups...
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2017-08-17 12:56:36