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Fourth Amendment Essay

The Fourth Amendment essay explain that people are entitled to feel safe when they are at home and with their personal effects.
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2017-12-25 09:41:56

The Philosophy of Rehabilitation

Until the end of the 19th century, judicial system used prisons to hold prisoners awaiting trial or as places where persons were punished.
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2017-12-26 09:15:53

Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

Marijuana use has been proven to have healthy benefits by recent and past research. Legalization of marijuana in Canada should be supported.
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2017-12-26 13:13:18

Averroes Philosophy

In the Decisive Treatise, according to the Averroes philosophy, there are three approaches to understanding the law.
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2017-12-27 14:10:57

Rights of Federal Crime Victims

In a nutshell, a crime victim alludes to a person or an entity that has been harmed by the commission of a criminal offense.
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2017-12-28 11:54:50

Thomas Jefferson Judicial Review

Response by Thomas Jefferson concerning judicial review and opinion on the Supreme Courts sole right to interpret laws.
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2017-12-29 08:50:30

Why is the Supreme Court Case of Marbury v. Madison Important?

Do you want to know why is the supreme court case of Marbury v. Madison important? Read the essay on this case.
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2017-12-29 09:13:40

Parole Release

Parole Release refers to process in which prison administrators grants a prisoner a provisional release after accepting certain conditions.
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2018-01-07 20:09:45

Farmer V Brennan

The petitioner who is transgender was being confined together with other male inmates after being transferred to a prison in Indiana.
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2018-01-07 19:10:34

Status Offense, Delinquent Act, and a Criminal Act

The term status offense refers to a non-criminal act that is taken as a law violation because the offender is a minor (Steinhart, 1996).
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2018-01-12 20:52:42