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Learner autonomy research

Learner autonomy is increasingly attracting much attention from learners of English language especially in studying vocabulary.
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2018-03-05 11:45:31

Labeling theory essay

Labeling theory essay states that behavior and self-identity of folks may be influenced by the languages.
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2018-03-08 09:45:49

Communication essay

Communication essay tells that Language is the system of sounds, meaning or grammar and is a construct of communication. The main components of language are morphemes and phonemes.
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2018-05-29 18:42:17

Foreign Language Classes Should Not Be Mandatory in Colleges

The effect of foreign languages in colleges is almost negligible making it unnecessary to learn such Statistics conducted on 4000, a total of 25.7 percent admitted to have knowledge of foreign language apart from English.
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2018-06-14 05:15:09

Why Bilinguals are Smarter

I will tell you why bilinguals are smarter. I derive a lot of pleasure in the fact that I am born to an American father and a French mother. I have lived in America since birth and, by default, English is my first language.
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2018-06-27 01:30:02

Good Writing in English as an International Language Essay

roper writing is one of the aspects of linguistics that has impacted English as an International Language. The paper analyzes the standards and correctness issues in writing and teaching English as an International Language.
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2018-08-07 03:02:06

Critical Essay Summary

In Critical Essay Summary The author describes the difficulty of her life situation, hence, the thesis revolves around the struggles of a woman living at the Southwest US/Mexican border where more than one culture resides.
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2018-08-20 04:12:53

Sommunication research

According to the Sommunication research, talking is a critical aspect of our day to day lives. If people did not talk to each other, the earth would be a boring planet.
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2018-08-20 20:21:25

International Language research

According to International Language research, in many cultures around the world, art is often an imitation of the daily lives or activities. Writing as a form of art allows individuals to relate with their cultures.
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2018-08-22 08:02:37

Semblance research

The Semblance is an essay by Charles Bernstein, which is primary an argument for a tendency in poetry known as language writing. Bernstein tries to portray the concept of diminished reference.
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2018-09-12 11:25:13