Historical Activism and Anti-Slavery Resistance

Published: 2019-12-13 14:30:00
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It is conceptualized that understanding the historical perspective of a certain phenomenon, plays a critical role in the way we visualize various things in the near future. The need to integrate the historical activism and the anti-slavery resistance is something appealing and commendable. This paper outlines the historical perspective of Parker Academy School. Tracing back to history. Others reasons reported to trigger the migration includes; Social reasons, political disturbance, economic factors, and the spirit of adventure among other feeble reasons. In this paper, I will evaluate and give a detailed explanation based on an archaeological perspective. I will address particularly the contemporary reasons as to why some communities are more interested with other peoples life and culture and why others are ethnocentric (Bolton, 2012).

Among most communities in the world Americans have been known to be on the forefront with a dynamic interest working with other cultures all over the world. Most people claim that Americas are the friendliest race in the world. They are capable of residing in any geographical region without any limitation. According to me, it is plain truth in blue print. To be specific Americans archaeologist have narrowed down with the business of embracing other peoples cultures and appreciating them comparatively. The solid assumptions for such allegations are; spirit of adventure, curiosity to acquire new knowledge from other cultures, the eager to learn the ways of life of other cultures, to exploit the natural resources and geographical features in the regions, to discover the past events and way of life of the ancient people, to discover material remains of the past human beings and the animals and plants which are mostly found in other regions as compared to America itself. To intensively conduct constructive criticism of other cultures. As a result of most people worldwide speaking English, it has eased the American archaeologist to interact with most cultures in the world (Hankey, 2013).

Generally, most archaeologist have similar goals and objectives, this gives and evidence which portrays that all archaeologists can in unison work together but this is quite contrary to the conventional expectations. Speculations are there that some archaeologists cannot work with archaeologists from other cultures. A case study is among the US and the Chinese archaeologists whom their compatibility has been next to impossible working together. The valid reasons documented ranges from; language barrier. Americans speak English and the Chinese speak Chinese, this makes it difficult for the two parties to work together accordingly. Another reason is the spirit of superiority, in this case both the archaeologists from either side thinks that they are more superior to the other therefore, it becomes very difficult to carry out operations together. Most Chinese archaeologists are conservatives this means that they base much of their research internally and they have limited spirit of exploiting other peoples culture which is contradictory to the US archaeologists.

Embracing other peoples culture is inevitable especially while living amongst. Someone to adapt to a certain area and work with the people in the area, he or she must be ready for change. For instance, if I was in china, working with the Chinese stuff objectively could be difficulty but since I got no alternative, then it leaves me no choice to incorporate the following in order to competently work with them. Learn to speak Chinese language with incentive, accept and appreciate the way of life of the people, learn to accept defeat and be ready to learn new things rather than just thinking that, I am a junk of everything and finally I will also be ready to meet the challenges and device means to accommodate them.

In conclusion, the culture of a people is a very important aspect that one has to embrace and appreciate. When this is done then it becomes very easy for different people such as archaeologist to work together since they have similar principles, goals and objectives.


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