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Reflection Paper: HIV/AIDS

Dr. Kimberly Hagen has delivered a novel view of AIDS and HIV in the lecture the origin of HIV. From the video clip, I have learned so much about the history of the AIDS epidemic, its origin, and why it is still very stigmatizing even to date. I s...
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2017-08-29 07:33:19

Analysis of Article on Animal-Assisted Therapy

Exploring Animal-Assisted Programs with Children in School and Therapeutic Contexts is an article by Lori Friesen that looks at the use of animal-assisted therapy with school children. Animal-assisted programs abbreviated as ATT, are therapies in ...
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2017-08-29 07:42:57


The business is to offer advisory services on healthy living standards and prudent financial spending. The enterprise would employ a number of social workers, nurses, financial consultants, gerontologists in addition to other professionals that ha...
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2017-08-29 07:55:35

Is abortion ever acceptable?

Abortion has been a subject of contention for many years over many regions of the world. Societies and individuals all around the globe are different in their stand of whether abortion should be accepted or not, or whether there are some cases tha...
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2017-08-29 08:12:24

US Health Care Compared to Other Nations

The topic that I will be talking about is the United States health care compared to other nations. I chose this topic because of my concern over the state of health in the United States. The state of health in the United States is both positive an...
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2017-08-29 08:19:36

Abortion as a Threat to the Society

By definition, an abortion is an occurrence when there is an immature termination of a pregnancy which therefore implies that the child will not be born. In living history, there is a pair of the styles utilized when one is to be subjected to an a...
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2017-08-30 07:26:53

What Cancer of My Mom Taught Me

To me, some phrases have always been a cliche. Strong winds make the best sailor, challenges bring out the best in us and so forth. Never for a moment did I ponder what they really meant, or empathize what those who said them were going through. N...
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2017-08-30 07:34:04

Grass fed beef verses grain fed beef

Customers are concerned more with issues concerning their food nowadays. For the beef products, different advertisements are used for a similar or even a different product. The most common advertisements claim that the commodity is safer, others s...
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2017-08-30 07:51:03

Medical Savings Accounts

The health system in America has been faced with a lot of challenges lately. The lawmakers and medical experts, however, have found it hard to come to an agreement on what should be done to improve the conditions. The debate on medical reforms has...
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2017-08-31 08:14:57

Sexual Health Literacy and Community Nursing

Over the years, an increase in sexually transmitted infection in particular among sex workers within the communities. Sex workers usually stand a high chance of contracting these diseases and this usual impact on their families. The sex workers of...
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2017-08-31 08:33:06