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Summary statements

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Globalization is an initiative that has focused on empowering people from different nationalities to engage in regional economics. Automated responses during business to business (B2B) agreements are an example of globalization initiative. The organization creates a culture of competition via geographically shared economic activities. businesses from different countries are enabled to participate in value chain through the shared network and bridging of the cultural differences. The major company objective is to raise a platform where relationship framework across borders can be enhanced leading to regional development.

Globalization in business

The system created by the company relies heavily on the input-output approach of product creation. International negotiation during B2B mostly focuses on the production of firms output from input through a series of interconnected steps in the production process. Organization culture is very important in enhancing the interconnected process since the organization has a cross-border connection that allows easier negotiation in a democratic manner. That means that there must be a voting right during international negotiations.

Cultural diversity plays a big role in international negotiations. For instance organization culture in the USA might be very different from the organization culture in Jamaica. Therefore people from different culture must find common ground during decision making. Negotiations should be purely based on the competition and collaborative nature of the people involved in the negotiations.

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Framework of international busisiness diagrams


Is a constant factor during B2B and also during democratic negotiations

Value in business to business interaction is measured via current digital devices


Creates a peaceful business environment

Should be democratic


Need to explore complex network (globalization and liberalization)

Has low rate of coverage under the current literature

Tea production and integration into market diagram (liberalized Market)

Highlighting statements

1) Globalization and liberalization provides a context where businesses adopt similar strategies and purse them to attain success; this is despite the difference in cultural practices.

2) Negotiations at international level often must often reach a mutual consent that might be negative to one party that is why meditation should be encouraged.

negotiation capabilities and strategies, despite all that they tend to agree on profits and settle on common strategy of operation. Cultural diversity play a significant role on actors negotiation skills, and thus one must try to understand the diversity before engaging in negotiations

3. Liberalization of world market ensures that value of the commodity being handled is maintained despite the cultural diversity within the liberalized regions.

4. The contemporary world has adopted automated agreement electronically during business to business negotiations that gives power to the people involved.

Trade liberalization

Discussions on what your findings mean

(especially on what sides they have varified your ideas, besides, on what sides this make your idea different from the literature your have analyzed in your homework one.)

Liberalized market that ensures that value is maintained through the entire connection. Sufficient quality and meeting the set standards of goods or services in the global network has remained to be a major objective of the system. For instance tea Network has developed a weightless system which allows digital recording of data and verifying when the product reaches various destinations. In some countries such as Kenyan and Rwandan market is an example of liberalized market. The market has a weighing method that integrates the initial weight from the firm into the system. Such a system removes the effect of an extraneous variable that may affect the payment of farmers. Farmers found such a system reliable and easy to work with. Additionally, other factors such as corruption and taking advantage of tea farmer’s ignorance are not possible with such a system. The liberalized provides a total connection between the chains that enables everyone to be awarded for their effort. Therefore, cultural diversity is negated at each point of service delivery and tea transportation. Globalization enhances value through the revolutions digital system that is beneficial to all the actors in the network as each earns their contribution in the network.

Power, with the current technology in liberalized market system, power to the actors has the effect on cultural. The current globalised market are shaped using the wireless system thus all the databases in the system can be connected securely. For example tea weighing is digital in Rwanda, coffee weighing is digital in Brazil, and the weighed product can be paid through mobile money services. Such payment method and network connectivity eliminates possible corruption and gives the farmers power. Therefore, liberalization of the global market, aims at making international trade network to be fully commercialized and have enhanced service delivery. Such organization of network in African tea network is a clear indication that market liberalization can surpass the common cultural belief of negotiations cross borders. Organized network provides a wireless system where product and service flow is not hindered by the locality or position of an actor participating in the network.

Example of globalization

Negotiation is a situation where local firms agree to do business in the main international market so as to enhance trade. A good example is in the diagram where the tea industry Rwanda has agreed to work with Kenyan market to join the International Tea Market. It involves linkages that are at specific levels thus farmers will not be pressured by the complexity of the system, yet they benefit from its advantages. For instance, in the diagram tea from the factory can either be directly sold to the retailer or it can be auctioned in the international market. Factory prices will not change, but the final consumer will bear the cost of steps that tea has passed. The farmer and the factory are not liable for the extra cost in the interconnected network. Technology is vital in creating a reliable network with a negotiated network in the international trade. Firms are incorporated into the network and their produce bough digitally and transported to the destination of the buyer's choices through the same network. International negotiations thus expands the network coverage reducing the need for one to understand the cultural background of another company or individual since technology creates an easier way of negotiations via the digital platform.

All in all liberalization of the market leads to more trade and corporation among the countries involved. In Asia road and rail network have been built to enhance connectivity among trading countries, Africa is also striving to gain an inch in Globalization by working on its network connectivity in communication and transports of goods and services form one part to the other, technology has played a great role in enhancing liberalization and production as demonstrated by the diagram and explanation of tea processing and transport between Kenya and Rwanda.

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