Global Leader Personal Plan

Published: 2023-01-20
Global Leader Personal Plan
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Leadership is much crucial for the success of every organization. As a competent leader, I understand the need for aligning individual and organizational goals. The modern global business environment has become conscious of multiple factors which need to be taken into account when developing a leadership personal plan. This report paper provides a self-assessment of capability for the newly assigned role in global leadership in the education sector. It creates an evaluation of the personal qualities by considering the goals set for maximizing my potential for supporting organizational growth. The leadership plan developed is based on the current global trends that are essential in establishing the situational awareness of the global business environment. The need for globalization and growth of multi-culturalism have resulted in high demand for global leaders. The plan aims at addressing the changes facing business in a global context that occurs from cultural diversity when dealing with people from different backgrounds.

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Overview of the Role of Global Leaders

Effective leadership development ought to apply a global outlook through the application of global strategies (Dugan, 2018). It is vital to acknowledge the fact that the context of the international business sphere is surrounded by significant challenges that need to be taken into account by the leaders at all levels. Adopting a flexible leadership personal plan is highly recommended for responding to the dynamics in the current global environment. My capability in understanding the external business trends helps in responding quickly and effectively to the organizational transformation. Global leaders must have the potential to influence their followers to achieve a common goal and delivery of performance (Giles, 2016). Similarly, it is essential to have a better approach to dealing with the employees' resistance, which is inevitable in the real world. It is not in all situations that employees will agree that whatever decision made by the leaders is right. The cultural diversity may also create discrepancies between the set goals and the actual performance (Seemiller, 2018). As a global leader, I will ensure the appropriate involvement of the employees at various levels for the mitigation of possible conflicts.

My development plan incorporates the current global trends with an integration of the principles that supports international operations. I will create a culture of innovation for continuous improvement and leverage of competencies and skills. Adoption of collaborative communication is also recommended for enhancing customer interaction for a better relationship. By adhering to these principles, it becomes much more straightforward in addressing the leadership challenges available in the modern business era. Reflective leaders applying emotional intelligence is making another strength for better performance and career development (Kolzow, 2014). It helps in reflecting on self-assessment, motives, attitudes, and actions in a given situation - a leader who recognize and acknowledge diversity. A global leader works across multiple cultures and dealing with varying organizational environments simultaneously. They are faced with situations whereby conflict may arise. Therefore, one of the most significant roles of global leaders is in developing appropriate measures for managing conflicts that may occur.

Dugan (2018) posited that a global leader should possess the attributes of being an intelligent person with a robust emotional capability and necessary energy to put his or her skills into practice for addressing the issues at hand. This is an aspect that is portrayed by his capacity of competencies. A great leader ought to have the ability to be flexible in the adaptation of the day to day changes emerging from the global business operations within the organizational environment (Seemiller, 2018). In the modern economies and with innovation always acting as the best tool for competition, I do understand that a leader must have the emotional and the cultural knowledge of the segments and the groups targeted by them. The acceptance of global cultural diversity helps leaders to gain the ability that allows them to bridge the gaps that arise within the globalization. I have developed a better way of understanding people from different backgrounds, which is essential in managing conflict.

I am also capable of adapting to new strategies and policies in various environments that require a global leader to have another important feature of cognitive knowledge adaptation. This is a capacity that enables one in developing strategies based on the knowledge of the diverse environment. This creates diversity and dynamics that help the individual to solve complex problems that face the existing situation from the required perspective (Kolzow, 2014). However, it calls for situational awareness that is conceived in the mind of the leader in deep meditation an attribute subject to the level of knowledge held by the person. In making decisions, global leaders are required to have a collective and actionable ability of situational awareness. In this regard, I have expressed a strong sense of cultural, emotional and intelligence dynamic adaptations of emerging issues together with the knowledge and understanding of the environment global leaders that lead organizations must also not neglect the institutional culture.

The Vision

Successful leaders must be capable of coming up with an appropriate vision that best suits the organization for supporting its growth (Hall & Broyles, 2016). This must be shared among the various stakeholders and most notably the followers responsible for the exclusion set vision. The vision for my organization is "To create a better day-to-day life for many people." The vision incorporates the needs of our customers as well as those of the workforce team. As the firm struggles to improve the lives of many people, it will apply the same case for both the customers and the employees and hence creating a motivational element. I acknowledge that employees are the essential asset that a business can have and that they play a critical role in the success or failure of the firm. I will ensure that the company is putting a significant investment in human capital for the attainment of the set vision. Establishing a well-motivated workforce will help in improving the quality of the products and services produced by the firm and hence meeting the clients' needs.

Personal Development Plan

From set vision and the analysis of the current trend the global leadership context, it is crystal clear that a people-based leadership style would be much critical for ensuring organizational success. Communications skills are essential for any leaders (Giles, 2016). My strength in this area gives me an added advantage. It will facilitate the sharing of the vision and the strategies adopted to achieve the future intended state. Osland, Li and Mendenhall (2016) connoted that leadership is not something that is developed quickly by individuals. In my journey to become a successful leader, I have adopted the appropriate competencies and assessment of the self-strengths and weaknesses. I am looking forward to maximizing my strengths while minimizing the shortcomings identified in this evaluation. When I analyze some of the successful global leaders, I feel inspired and tend to relate their characters with hose of myself. My journey as a leader can be traced back since I was young, and I have continually worked towards polishing my skills for better performance. Some of the key elements in my plan for becoming an effective global leader include the development of a disciplined mind, synthesizing mind, creative mind, respectable mind, and the ethical mind.

The disciplined mind will help in having the ability to explore the expertise in various fields. Learning is a continuous process, and as a global leader, I plan to grow my knowledge for a better understanding of the organizational environment. The acquisition of essential knowledge throughout my academic career has provided me with a proper understanding of global leadership and all I require for achieving my goals. Similarly, my synthesizing mind provides me with the ability to make the most appropriate decision within an array of information. Leadership is all about making choices among the various available alternative, and I believe my strength in this area will help in setting priorities in the course of global leadership. Hall and Broyles (2016) argued that creativity is something important for the success of global leaders. It helps in responding more effectively to every situation facing the firm. As seen from the analysis of the current trends in the global business environment, organizational changes are inevitable. Leaders must adopt a flexible leadership style to create an agile culture to accommodate the changes in today's business environment. My creativity takes me to a higher level in becoming a successful leader. However, I need to work hard to become much conversant with the current trends in the market and adopting appropriate strategies for meeting the needs of the people.

Developing a respectable mind would also be vital in becoming an effective global leader. Having dealt with diverse cultures on different occasions, I do understand the diversity and conflict mitigation strategies. Being diverse gives individual strength in different ways (Rosch & Priest, 2017). It is crucial to realize that people from different backgrounds understand things in different ways. It is the role of the leaders to ensure adaptation of a respectable mind to solve the problem that might arise and ensure that the followers are focusing on one direction for the attainment of a common goal. Arguing from an ethical perspective, global leaders must possess good moral values in the execution of their roles. Having a noble mind helps in ensuring that things are flowing together and that a high level of trust is maintained. Global leaders act as the role model to their followers, and they must lead by example, in my new assignment as a global leader, I will ensure that the people are adhering to professional ethics for higher performance.


In conclusion, the above global leadership plan indicates that today's business environment is faced with significant threats that leaders must address for sustaining the organizational survival. There is no doubt that the level of competition in today's businesses has become much severe, and those that are not capable of implementing effective leadership have been forced out of the market. Organizational success or failure is highly dependent on the competencies of the leaders. More particular, businesses in a global context are faced with a challenge of cultural diversity if this is not well-managed. Having conflict management skills if much relevant for responding to such problems and ensuring organizational success. It is also revealed that leaders should develop a shared vision that integrates the individual needs with those of the organization. Expanding the existing knowledge and skills is essential in a personal leadership development plan.


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