Free Essay Sample About the Significance of Community Work

Published: 2022-03-10 07:46:39
Free Essay Sample About the Significance of Community Work
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Why Is Community Service Important

Before you start talking about community service, its features, and effects, it is critical to deal with definitions. First of all, people should acknowledge that social work is a subtype of volunteering activity, the aim of which is to help people in a specific area. There is no way someone makes you take particular actions or be responsible for the results of the work unless you agree to do it willingly. Complete freedom of action and personal desire to assist are the primary conditions of support service. At this point, it is inevitable to mention that once you agree to perform some actions to help people in need in your free time, you will also get an unlimited number of advantages. Keep in mind that such labor has a long-lasting impact on you and the people around you.

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At the same time, it is critical to acknowledge that when it comes to college students, it may be complicated for them to volunteer, specifically if they strive to be academically successful. Community service, undeniably, takes a lot of time and effort, so learners are likely to have little energy and motivation to take extracurricular classes once they volunteer.

It took scholars some time to analyze the circumstances and come to the conclusion that mandatory volunteer service has a negative impact on high school students, which means it should be banned. It is critical to remember that the notion of community service presupposes optional and voluntary work and should not be mandatory. Still, no one can deny that volunteerism is exceptionally useful for students, as it helps them to learn valuable lessons, master life skills, gain proficiency and cherish love, care, and sympathy for others. On the other hand, it is vital to highlight that mandatory service is frequently related to stress, anxiety, and a plethora of other negative feelings.

Taking into account the above-mentioned information, it is possible to conclude that people are divided into two categories, who are either for or against mandatory community service. Who is right? Which perspective is more reasonable? It is impossible to make any statements without learning the question from the inside out.

First of all, it is reasonable to say that the very notion of mandatory community service is not right, as learners should volunteer eagerly rather than being forced to. The real community work is about the desire to help people and assist the poor ones who need it the most. When students are obliged to volunteer just to graduate from college, the significance of the experience is diminished. In such instances, people do not make maximum effort to fulfill the task and enjoy the process. Instead, they remain undedicated workers who strive to accomplish the project as fast as possible and forget about it forever.

Sure, some people change their minds during the process, as they get precious life experience, travel around the country or do the work they like. Nonetheless, in the vast majority of instances, such experiences affect the emotional and psychological health of the student. Additionally, it is important to mention that by implementing mandatory community work, students will get burdened with tons of other requirements necessary for successful graduation. Much more work, extra assignments, college homework piling up, lack of sleep, stress, and constant anticipation of some negative outcomes frequently become overwhelming. Depression is one of the most typical outcomes of the experience.

What is volunteering? Once you answer this question, you will not doubt that it should be optional. The idea behind the community work is hidden in the desire of the student to become a part of a big project driven by love towards people and compassion for them. The primary purpose of community work is to teach people to value what they have and be merciful to those people who are different. It is impossible to deny that volunteering takes a lot of time, effort, energy, and dedication, but the results you notice are 100% worth it.

Although it is obvious that volunteering should be optional, a considerable number of teachers and scholars are still discussing the question. They test various theories and provide learners with an opportunity to try numerous options before making the final choice. However, when the optional community service turns into a mandatory one, it results in nothing else but stress, anxiety, and disappointment. Consequently, it is fundamental for students and teachers to analyze the situation, single out the most critical aspects of the question and make reasonable conclusions.

Five Most Substantial Advantages of Social Service

When it comes to the possible advantages of volunteering, no one is talking about the mandatory experience. Instead, it is critical to emphasize that community service should be based on the bare desire of people to help each other, strengthening their relations and fighting for the well-being and prosperity of all the members of the community.

Do you still doubt that volunteering may be effective? Check out several most critical advantages welfare work may result in.

  • Stronger relationships with people. Your age, sex, background, social status, and other features are not relevant when it comes to community service. Your love for people and desire to help are the only aspects that are valued. If you are truthful with yourself and those around you, there is always a possibility to build a strong bond with those who are in need. This way, you will not only help people but learn to be thankful and respectful.
  • New friends. Even though volunteering is hard, it is still funny and interesting. No matter if you are working with your friends or new people on the same project, you will become true friends. Therefore, it is an excellent chance to meet people and make friends.
  • Better social skills. Is it complicated for you to start the conversation and talk to people? Community service is an excellent chance to master your social skills and discover your strong points.
  • Advanced self-assurance and dignity. Helping others helps you. When you spend your personal time, money, and energy to help others, you become more compassionate, respectful, and loving. Additionally, you start realizing that your actions can change people around you, which is always important.
  • Improved physical health. Social service is always related to physical activities, as you may need to move things, carry items, and do similar things. Consequently, you will always be fit, even without attending the gym.


Community work is a vital part of students' lives, which makes them better, stronger, more responsible, and attentive every single time. At the same time, it is critical to mention that volunteering should never be mandatory, as it will completely lose its value.

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